Love Is A Velvet Prison


The dog sewing continues, but shall stop soon I promise. Here’s Ella in her favourite position in my home office. It’s an ancient bucket chair, but it’s right beside my desk and right beside the window. Good times for Ella!



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Sew A Dog Bandana? Never!


I always swore blind I’d never sew anything for Ella. What you see here is an aberration. A double aberration because Ella’s cousin (my sister’s dog) appears to own a new bandana, too.

What can I say? I’d glibly offered to do some sewing ahead of our latest trip to the Isle of Wight. I have quite a bit of the Liberty of London Isle of Wight tana lawn in my stash cupboard. These kerchiefs take up tiny amounts, using this tutorial.


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Strictly Come Dancing – Sewing The Dresses


Every year when Strictly Come Dancing arrives on TV I say to myself, I really must organise a sewing interview. And every year I fail. Until today! The wonderful Gerald of DSI London allowed me to visit the thumping heart of the Strictly costume department. Turns out it’s in Surrey.

Creative director, Vicki Gill (as seen on It Takes Two), pattern cutters, seamstresses, diamante experts and a new apprentice turn round outfits in – gulp – three days. Tired just reading this? You should try attaching 8,000 diamante stones to a dress. And, oh, the dresses…



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Sew Over It Lola Coat


We had SO much fun photographing the Lola Coat! Almost as much fun as I had sewing it.

This pattern is from Sew Over It’s new ebook, My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break. It feels apt that we took our photos bang in the middle of hipster East London. We laughed, and laughed, and laughed.




I should tell you about the coat, shouldn’t I? I love it soooooo much, with its kimono sleeves and waterfall lapels. It’s very me and fits my lifestyle extremely well. Comfy, with deep pockets for tennis balls and dog treats. But no awful pocket bags flapping about. The construction is very clever.



Your inside seams shall be on show as the coat flaps open. So as a minimum make them neat; as a maximum, make them a feature.

This pattern eats up fabric and used every scrap of my four metres of – I think it’s a chambray. It’s beautiful quality and the indigo colour sings. Bought from The Man Outside Sainsburys for not much money at all. He has two weights, this and one heavier. For this coat, you will need fabric with drape.

The PDF is 53 pages long, so you know… You’ll get bored at some point, taping that lot together. But it’s worth it. Once you move on to construction, you could whip this up in an afternoon.

Pay careful attention to the sizing. It’s based on your back of bust measurement (around the back of the coat from bust point to bust point). I don’t consider myself to be a size small, but I was a good girl and followed my measurements, which meant I cut out a size small.

I added a hanging loop because, you know, hanging loops…



I’m wearing my coat with this version of the Inari dress. And that’s your lot!

With thanks to my lovely photographer friend. She knows who she is and I hope she knows how much I adore her!

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Small Sewing Storage


Sewing storage comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a world of difference. So, here are some of my favourite miniature storage solutions!

I bought this plastic bobbin box off eBay ages ago. It always lives in hand’s reach of my sewing machine.


If you haven’t already discovered Flying Tiger, you’re going to love them. Be warned, though – you’ll discover lots of items you just have to have. Like these pink storage boxes. So cute!

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How To Top Stitch


A few readers have asked about this recent exercise in top stitching, so I thought I’d go into more detail.


For a good pop of colour, I used jeans top stitching thread – like this one here – and normal thread in my bobbin. You can see above, the difference in thread width. Which means you definitely need a top stitching needle.



And for top stitching I always lengthen my stitch length by a couple of notches.


I sew with the right side of the make facing up, and carefully use the throat plate guides to ensure that I sew from a consistent distance from my hem.

That’s it. Happy top stitching!


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Inari Tee Dress, Pop Spots Shawl



This outfit really combines some of my most favourite colours. It’s another Inari Tee Dress, paired with a Pop Spots Shawl I knitted a couple of years ago. I reckon a shawl can definitely look contemporary if you just stop thinking ‘shawl’.


This version of the Inari Tee Dress is sewn from grey prestige crepe bought from Fabric Godmother. I am very tempted to buy more of this in a different colour way – it really is gorgeous.

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Sew Over It Molly Dress A Deux


I’m slightly freaking myself out! Double trouble, and no mistake. But if you want an excuse to buy four metres of fabric instead of two, keep reading…

I’ve made two more Molly dresses from My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break, using two lengths of Andover jersey in magenta and navy that I bought from The Village Haberdashery back in January. I’m enjoying the challenge of clearing out my stash. Two fabrics of equal weight and quality – why not mix things up?

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My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break, The Molly Dress


Lisa Comfort must own a crystal ball. On Wednesday she released her new ebook, My Capsule Wardrobe, full of cosy and comfortable patterns. On Friday, autumn arrived. By Saturday, I had a new dress.

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Second Ginghamalong Random Prize Winner!

So, immediately after posting about our winner yesterday, I realised that Me And Two Makes Three had already won some gingham in the launch giveaway. (Note to self – maybe only have one giveaway next time.)

Anyways! Amy has generously agreed to share the prize draw with one other winner. Watch the video to find out who that is.

Thanks, all! I’m going for a lie down.

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