Memories And Mementoes – What Are Yours?

how to sew culottes

Almost impossible to photograph culottes, don’t you find? But I love this outfit and wanted to share.

This is another version of the B6178 culottes (currently on sale!) made in a black something from TMOS. I liked the fabric because it was nicely matte. Nothing worse than shiny black fabric. It has a little stretch to it, which makes it super-comfy for wearing. The stretch does mean you need to check fit before inserting the zipper, but that’s no biggie.

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International Women’s Day – What You Can Sew Do

international womens day

tilly and the buttons

Today is International Women’s Day, a great reason to celebrate female solidarity! Here’s a list of inspiration for you, plus thoughts on what you can do to support womankind.

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The Maker’s Atelier Boxy T-Shirt In Silk

The Makers Atelier Boxy T Shirt

The Boxy T-shirt from Maker’s Atelier magazine is drafted for stretch fabrics, but could you make it in a woven? With a little bit of tweaking, YES!

The Makers Atelier

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Five Handmade Items For Keeping Warm


Ermagerd. The Beast From The East is giving us a right good kicking. It is glacial out there! Ella still refuses to wear her quilted coat on dog walks, but I have fallen back heavily on my handmades.

The great thing about this blog post is that I’m recommending makes that have seen months or even years of wear – so these handmade items really work when it comes to the cold.

Handknitted Socks

red stripey socks ii

Three years ago I made two pairs of these socks. This winter they have been worn and machine washed on weekly rotation and they’re still going unbelievably strong. No pilling, no worn patches, they just keep warming my feet. This sock wool is off the scale – you can buy it here.

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The Maker’s Atelier Stretch Pencil Skirt

The Makers Atelier Pencil Skirt

Did you know that TMOS has started giving me style advice? When I bought a metre of this odd futuristic jersey, he asked what I planned to make. Honestly, I had no idea. ‘A pencil skirt,’ he suggested – and a plan snapped into focus!

makers atelier stretch pencil skirt

Thankfully, I already had a pattern to hand in The Maker’s Atelier Essential Collection. It took all of ten minutes to trace my size, I had enough elastic for the waist and a stretch lining fabric.

Yes, I had everything I needed. And by the time I went to bed that evening, I had a new skirt.

makers atelier

LOVE this pattern! I’d been a little doubtful about a pencil skirt with an elasticated waist, but it totally works. The gathering at the waist is subtle and the skirt can be as figure-hugging or easy-fitting as suits your personal taste. I’d suggest each make deserves its own basting and trying on, as fit shall surely be dictated by the stretch of different jerseys.

I also really like how the hem grazes the knee – sophisticated.

One adjustment I made was to peg the skirt, tapering in a little towards the hem. Just to prevent things looking too boxy.

The fabric is black, but with a slight copper sheen to it. Don’t you love the split hem detail on the Boxy T-Shirt? I’ve been wearing this top non stop (the Non Stop Top!) in our current Baltic weather.

makers atelier skirt detail copy

I shall likely make many more of these skirts and I am currently working on a silk top to pair with this one. More soon!

My entire outfit is handmade – yippee! – other than the trainers. They’re from Air and Grace and they’re worth every penny.

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Galentine’s Day Winner

The Village Haberdashery Giveaway

Drum roll … is Melissa who nominated her friend, Janelle V. Melissa, I shall be in touch for a postal address to share with our generous supplier, The Village Haberdashery.

Thanks, everyone, for taking part. It was really lovely to read all the stories of friendship and sisterhood. And Happy Monday – we survived the first day of the week!

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Gigi’s Dressing Room – E17 Curated Vintage

Gigis Dressing Room

Are you looking for the perfect vintage item to wear to that next wedding, graduation or birthday party? Then you have another good reason to visit Walthamstow: my old cobblers has become a curated collection of vintage clothes aka Gigi’s Dressing Room. 

gigis dressing room wood street

I first blogged about Gigi many years ago. It’s been fascinating to watch this local business grow from a rack of dresses to the shop it is today. All down to Gigi’s extremely hard work and charm, I am quite certain. But more than that – down to her immaculate taste.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the photos.

suede stilettos

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Happy Galentine’s Day Giveaway!

Did You Make That At The Village Haberdashery

One of the people in this photo has a birthday today…

It’s my birthday! It’s also Valentine’s Day. I’ve always had an ambivalent relationship with this calendar day. On one level, the world is in a good mood on the day I was born. Good times! On another level, I’m like, Yeah, but when you’ve finished with that over-priced meal  … my birthday? Bad times.

Fortunately, in 2018 we all have a bit more ownership over the shape of our lives. Enter, Galentine’s Day! Inspired by a scene in Sisters, the premise is that we can subvert this day of cod romance to celebrate the most meaningful relationships in our lives – our female friends.

The Village Haberdashery Giveaway

In honour of this, Annie of The Village Haberdashery has kindly supplied a Galentine Giveaway to help us all have fun with our friends.

A person could win:

As Annie said: ‘Sundress goals!’ (God, aren’t we all over winter?)

But there’s A TWIST to this giveaway.

You need to nominate a friend to win.

That’s right. Nominating someone else to score fabric and pattern? Only a Sewist could be that kind. Just leave a comment below telling me which friend you would like to win. When I pull a name out of the hat, I’ll drop you an email and you can supply your friend’s postal address.

So, knock yourself out. Throw a friend’s hat in the ring. Then tell her you love her. It’ll be the best thing you do all day.

This giveaway closes at midnight GMT on Saturday 17 February. It is open worldwide.

the village haberdashery class studio

And if that’s all just too much largesse for one day, allow me to recommend new Sewing Social weekly get-together at The Village Haberdashery. With sewing machines supplied in their gorgeous workshop, all you have to do is turn up and sew with friends. Such a great concept! I’m definitely going – shall you?

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Are You A Plotter Or A Pantser?

planning mila dungarees tilly and the buttons

Knickers. Shorts. Kidney warmers. Bikinis, brazilians, midis or thongs… Call them what you will. Sometimes, we fly by the seat of them.

There’s a shared joke in the author community that a writer is either a plotter or a pantser:

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Cos AND Cosy

The Makers Atelier Boxy T-shirt

Brrrrrr! Jeepers, creepers. Coldest week this winter? The meteorologists ain’t kidding.

My sewing timing could not be more perfect. I’ve finished sewing this boxy T-shirt from The Maker’s Atelier magazine, just in time for our cold snap. The jersey – quilted, bouncy and structural – was bought at Guthrie & Ghani.

The top is paired with my B6178 wool culottes, which have become my emergency warm clothes for extreme temperatures. Paired with a pair of wool tights, they keep me super-cozy. The fit of these culottes is brilliant. Don’t forget – this pattern came FREE with a copy of Love Sewing magazine. Dig out your May 2017 copy.

autumn colettes

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