24 Little Hours

What a difference a day makes! The world of crafting can move forwards quickly, can’t it? The good news is that I discovered what I needed to do about the Rooibos dress. Press the collar properly and then wear the dress for a day and… Chill out! I think I was suffering a syndrome common to the Lesser Spotted Sewist – that of over-analysis. You know that stage in the game when you have a finished object and stare and stare in the mirror and think, ‘Well, I know no one else can see it but there’s a poor seam here and if I lift the hem I’ll be able to see the patch where I didn’t get it just right and why does that bit there keep bunching?’ Well, get over it! We don’t put on our shop-bought outfits and agonise over the fact that it’s been through one wash too many or that the collar keeps slipping. I propose that we are all a bit kinder to ourselves and our homemade outfits. I love my dress now and found myself digging my hands into those gorgeous pockets in a totally gratuitous way. Good for storing tissues, too!

I finished my Anthro-Inspired Scarflet, and wore it out yesterday. Here’s a photo of me near our local church and a detail shot of the same scarf. I even like the colour now! It’s a good item to wear both outdoors and inside – perfect for those moments when you might feel a tiny bit cold.

In other news, I also finished my Mrs Darcy Cardigan this weekend:

Time will tell with this finished item. See those really narrow front shoulder sections? I fear they’ll keep slipping off my actual shoulders. I have one shoulder lower than the other, which means I sometimes struggle with things slipping. (There’s that contrary body, tripping me up again!) I’m also concerned that for anyone with a bit of boob action going on, this cardigan makes you look very boobtastic. (Yes, yes, I know that in my last post I was complaining about lack of boob action, bit it’s not only bodies that can be contrary.) For those of you who enjoy sewing, the blouse I’m wearing is from the sewing pattern Simplicity 2599. Highly recommended and highly wearable.

Finally, a new knitting project has begun:

This is for a wrap that I hope to leave in the office for those moments when our eccentric air conditioning decides to send icy shivers through our bodies. The wool is Rowan Calmer, left over from a previous project, the Golden Vintage Cardigan. It’s a lovely, soft wool – a slight tendency to split, but hey. And look at that colour. Good enough to eat! No boring browns here.

Now, all I need is a new sewing project. There are several options I have in mind. If you’re looking for inspiration of your own, I urge you to look at the latest blog entry from Gertie. Isn’t that skirt to die for? And I already have the pattern for that blouse. Hmmm. I can just imagine it in a totally gorgeous silk. Perhaps a visit to MacCulloch and Wallis is in order…

You might be thinking, ‘Wow, Karen! You’ve been really productive.’ Please don’t be fooled. This is what is called An Avoidance Strategy. I have a manuscript to revise and redeliver by April, so my knitting and sewing has all become terribly important. If I’m still churning out this much in a month’s time, will someone please tell me to stop it? My crafts are very important to me, but not as important as my career! I’m relying on you to keep me on the straight and narrow.

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