Where Do You Do It?

Cutting out, I mean. As you can see from the photo on the left, I drape my fabric across … the floor. That’s right. It’s the largest open space I have, plus I can have the telly on in the background whilst I snip, snip, snip with my pinking shears.

The experts among you probably shudder with horror at the rumpled fabric you can see here. I washed it, I pressed it. I even pressed my pattern pieces. For a woman who hates the ironing board, that’s something close to a miracle. I hear that pins are bad, pattern weights good. I don’t really understand why – do let me know if  you have an opinion.

Something has occurred to me: when sewing blouses and skirts I try to do a French seam whenever possible. (French seams are my idea of tidy sewing heaven.) But I hazard a guess that if I’m lining my jacket, I don’t need to do that. Right? Any advice greatly appreciated.

Before I started cutting out I decided to check Erica’s blog post about this jacket one more time. I’m so glad I did. She added three inches to the length and when I re-checked the original pattern, I realised that I should definitely do the same. The pattern jacket is akin to cropped. Great if you have a washboard stomach, less great if you have curves that would happily pop out beneath a cropped jacket. Thank you, Erica!

So, I have a few more pieces to cut out tonight. Oh, and the lining pieces. Oh, and the interfacing. After all that, I can’t put off the inevitable any longer. I must start sewing. Scary, huh?

Not as scary as my spending could be if I visit The Cloth House. I spotted a link to this via the intelligent and inspiring blog written by author, Jane Brocket. I’ve been meaning to do a decent tour of Berwick Street for a while now, as it’s a haven of serious fabric shops. Now I want to visit this corner of Soho even more.

If any of you need inspiration for embellishment, I leave you with this photo of authentic London Pearly Kings and Queen. I bumped into them at the weekend – it’s relatively rare to see this sight in London. Are you familiar with this Cockney tradition? You can read all about the 19th-century practice of decorating clothes with pearl buttons here. That’s a whole lotta sewing. And a whole lotta buttons.

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  1. ~buzzybee~ says:

    I wouldn’t normally finish the seams in a lined jacket. I’m not sure of your fabric – is it wool? If so it should be fine with the seams pressed open. If is is loosely woven and you think it might unravel you could overlock them in areas where there is no fusing applied.
    Hope this helps!

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