One Step Forwards, Several Steps Backwards

A mixed bag this weekend. I got loads of fantastic writing done, so that’s a real plus. I needed to get my writing mojo back – I have a deadline next month. As a reward to myself, I spent this afternoon sewing. Hmmm. Not quite so much success there.

Let’s start with the positives. I made myself a really cute shoe bag for taking my flats into work. I have the worst feet in the world – official. Flat footed with bunions, it’s amazing that I manage to hobble out of bed, never mind run half marathons. Well, orthotics help me run half marathons. (Orthotics… Such an ugly word. So old-sounding.) In my day-to-day life I have to restrict myself to trainers, ballet shoes and sensible shoes*. When I commute, I like to carry my flats in my bag and wear something with much more support. So today I made myself a little shoe bag to stop my ballet shoes rattling around in my tote. I even used French seams, fresh on the back of Male Pattern Boldness’ recent blog post on the subject of seams. My friend, Sorrel, had bought me several batches of fabric for my birthday and I’d been wondering what to do with them. Well, here’s one Finished Object. Boy, that fabric was thick and coarse to sew with!

Cute shoe bag in a bag!

Emboldened by my success, I moved on to the second sleeve of the McCalls 5815. Oh dear. Sew, rip, sew, rip, curse, kick, sew, curse ad infinitum. I’ve put it to one side now. I think I know what the problem is, but really. Can I be bothered this evening? Not any more.

Deep breaths, Karen. Are any of you tested on what seems like a weekly basis? Or am I the only one who struggles?

* I normally restrict myself to sensible shoes but recently I made a resolution to widen my tastes shoe-wise. This week I bought a pair of patent leather brogues that were in the sale. Big mistake. I now have two blisters and a pair of shoes that I can’t wear. Having only worn them once. I feel even worse about this after reading So Zo’s inspiring blog post. Did I need those shoes? Not really. Lesson learnt.

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  2. zoe says:

    Oh no! I didn’t mean to make anyone feel bad about buying some new shoes once an a while! Sorry.

    I have several pairs of shoes that absolutely wreak my feet too. When I wear most shoes I have to put so many plasters all over my toes that they kind of resemble boxers kunckles all bandaged up! If you really aren’t going to wear them, can you sell the shoes on eBay? x

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