We’re All Winners!

I was glad to see today that the world of crafting has taken publishing by storm, but in the most unexpected way – we’ve won an award for Oddest Book Title of the Year. The book in question is Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes. Superb! Competition was tough, with other titles such as What Kind of Bean is This Chihuahua? and Collectible Spoons of the Third Reich. Strictly speaking, Dr Daina Taimina won the award, but I’m sure she’s glad to stand as representative of us all. Proving that the world of crafting is… Well, it’s a bit mad. We’re all a bit mad. But we’re winners!

I’ve only had one more hit of Early Morning Sewing Addiction. Half an hour squeezed in before the office. 30 minutes of ineptitude. When the last thread snapped from attempting to baste and gather my collar, I threw placed it carefully down and went to get dressed. I came back downstairs in an outfit I thought I should probably snap for you, as it’s a grand combination of home-made and thrifted. Hmmm. Thrifting. Sounds so … almost glamorous. I’m not sure that’s quite the case. However, my thrifting gem is Cancer Research on Upper Street where I’ve had a good run of luck with nice belts from Whistles and Jigsaw. If the grand dames of Islington want to cast off their unwanted expensive threads, I for one am happy to relieve them.

So, this outfit is a combination of Skirt 123A from the October 2009 issue of Burda magazine. The suiting fabric is from Saeed’s Fabrics, Walthamstow. Fabric and lining came to £4.50. The skirt has some nice pleat details and a front zip opening that at first I wasn’t sure of but now like. Detail photo (with thrifted Whistles belt) below:

The blouse is from Vogue pattern V 9771.  Cut on the bias, you can probably see that choice of fabric is all-important with this pattern. I picked out this raspberry machine-washable satin from John Lewis. It wasn’t a particularly cheap make, but has been worn several times and has a sweet contrasting bias tape trim in a different shade of pink. I made it a second time in a beautiful mink satin but I’ve never worn it as it is a bit too shiny-shiny. Shame, as that fabric wasn’t cheap either.

My shoe bag came in useful, carrying my flats into work, too!

I leave you today with a link to another post on my writing blog. For any of you out there who like to be fragrant (and don’t we all, darlings) I’ve recently received a wonderful book about perfume. I’ve written about it here. It’s a lovely, lovely book. Get hold of a copy if you can.

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  1. mooncalf says:


    Just popped over to see your Calmer knitting. I have a couple of jumpers worth in stash that I plan to use this summer so I’m looking for inspiration 🙂

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