Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Who is the Greatest Sewist of them all?

I jest. Oh my goodness, how I jest.

I have issues. Not that type! A mirror issue. My sewing machine resides in the living room downstairs. Our only full-length mirror hangs from a wall in the spare room. So whenever I’m trying to judge the fitting of something I am either:

a) pounding up and down the stairs like a mad thing

b) standing on a chair so that I can see myself in the living room’s wall mirror or

c) whining to my boyfriend, ‘But what does it LOOK like?’ Have you ever tried to get a sartorial opinion out of someone playing a computer game? Fuggedaboutit.

Tonight, home alone, I struck upon the idea of bringing the full-length mirror downstairs and propping it up on a chair. Genius! I now suspect I’m going to invest in a freestanding full-length mirror for downstairs. My only reservation is that visitors to my home will think, ‘Gee. Karen is really vain. She has a mirror next to the telly.’

This evening I felt mentally strong enough to face jacket adjustments to the left sleeve and my princess seams. Strong enough. Should I admit that my hands were shaking as I brought out the seam ripper? They were. I’ve worked hard on this muslin/jacket and couldn’t bear it if I fouled it all up. But the adjusted sleeve worked first time! I attacked the princess seams conservatively, only taking in a bit. I believe my jacket looks better for these adjustments, but I am going to do something that I suspect is very, very important for the Lesser Spotted Sewist. I am going to walk away and stop fussing. One adjustment too many could leave me in tears. It’s important to know when to stop. Don’t you agree? So what do you think. Does this look like a jacket to you?

For the rest of the evening, I’m going to indulge in a bit of knitting and a read of my Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. Tomorrow I’ll buy some lining fabric from Walthamstow market and then a new stage commences. The lining. I’m feeling quite excited!

Oh, just in case you’re interested: here’s a photo of the blouse I’ve worn today. It’s made from the pattern Simplicity 2599. I’ve made four different versions of this blouse and have another one planned. Yes, it really is that adaptable. This fabric from John Lewis is also a dream to wear as it refuses to crease. (Less of a dream to sew with as it refused to let me press any seams.)

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