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Buying cream lining satin

Sometimes, it’s all about the shopping. But I still only spent £6.70:

£5 two metres of cotton and one metre of cream satin

10p vintage buttons

60p interfacing

£1 three rolls of cotton thread

Not bad!

The buttons came from a lovely little shop in Walthamstow called Beautiful Interiors. It sells all manner of vintage, craft, secondhand and homespun. They had a bowl brimming with buttons and I found a set of four that might – just might – work with my jacket, McCalls 5815. There they are, in the centre of the photo. I haven’t  yet held them up against the fabric, so can’t be sure yet. They were marked up as 75p but when I took them to the counter the shop owner only asked for 10p. Bargain!

Pinning out cream satin lining for MCalls 5815

Then off to Saeed Fabrics to buy an extra metre of cream satin for the lining on said jacket. I’ve found the lining instructions from the pattern very difficult ie impossible to follow. All down to my lack of experience, I’m sure – let’s give the pattern writers the benefit of the doubt.  So I’m going to attempt a bagged lining, following the instructions from Threads. Any hints or tips – do let me know! I’ve already learnt one thing – don’t have your iron too hot when pressing cheap satin. One shrivelled piece has already ended up in the bin.

While visiting Saeeds, I couldn’t resist a couple of metres of something spotty. You can never have too many spots, in my opinion. I can’t decide whether to make a blouse or a Spring skirt with this. As you can see, it’s a bit sheer so as a skirt it would definitely need lining.

On my way home, I spotted a real bargain in the window of a localy charity shop. A pristine  copy of The Reader’s Digest New Guide To Sewing on sale for £3.50. Very annoying. I paid at least twice that, ordering a copy from Amazon. Oh well. Some happy Walthamstow sewer is going to have a bargain on her hands.

After that, I came home to collapse on the sofa after an 11-mile run this morning. I’m shattered! Far too tired to sew, or even knit. So today, it really has been about the shopping and nothing else. I leave you with a photo from one of my local haberdashers. What do you mean, I’m scaring you?

Sinister Sewing

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  1. Your muslin tests have been looking so wonderful! I’m so excited for the jacket! And I love that little polka dot number you picked up! Wish there was a Walthamstow here. Sigh… I really want that Reader’s Digest!

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