This Too In Time Shall Pass

Yay! At the weekend, I finished writing my manuscript and delivered it to my agent. This is an important step for me. Yes, yes, I’m hoping it will be significant for my writing career, but more importantly – I have free time for sewing and knitting again. I feel giddy!

Check this baby out. She’s grown, hasn’t she? One more ball of wool and she’ll be done. About halfway through this project I thought, ‘This feels like a gift for someone else.’ Do you ever have that? It just felt too … nice! … to waste on my good self, when I have a drawer full of knitted scarves. But who to gift it to? I really wasn’t sure, then remembered a friend who is ill at the moment. I strongly suspect that she’s not huge on pink, but  that’s not the point right now. I think the point is to make someone feel good. If you stroked this wool, you’d know how it could make someone feel good. I’m already imagining it wrapped up in baby pink tissue paper.

News is less encouraging on the McCalls 5815 front. I’ve not touched the jacket in well over a week. Tonight, I girded my loins for another attempt at taking in the shoulders. I’ve ripped. I’ve sewn. I’ve cursed. I’ve ripped. I’ve sewn. I’ve cursed. My boyfriend deserves either a medal or a sainthood for putting up with all this – probably both.

It’s time to stop seeing my muslin as a wearable muslin. It’s time to start seeing it as a muslin. Something that may never be worn, but will teach me many things. Because, really – I am now harbouring a deep ache to move on to other and better projects. I have that dotty fabric to use! I want to sew skirts and blouses – things I know I can do. Have you seen So Zo’s Ship Shape Blouse? It’s to die for. Why am I wasting my evenings on endless torture with a seam ripper? I’m not even sure what I’m learning any more.

So, I’m going to finish the jacket as best I can in the hope that better experiences await me. I chewed off more than I could swallow. That much is certain. Oh, pink wool with your butter yellow weave! How I failed you. But I’ll see this through to the end. And afterwards? I’ll never, ever again order the wrong size pattern and try to sew with it. For some things, life is just too short.

One last happy note! Do you have an iPhone? Check out the Hipstomatic app. It takes lovely, retro pictures just like this one of my sewing machine:

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