Vogue V8380

Look! A successful Finished Object:

I made this dress last year, but towards the fag end of summer so I’ve never had chance to wear it – until today. In the south of Britain, we woke to glorious sunshine. Nary a cloud in the sky. So I leapt out of bed and into this dress. When I did a spot of lunchtime shopping, someone complimented me. She didn’t say ‘Did you make that?’ but ‘Where did you get that dress?’ You can imagine the grin on my face.

I was reminded that I owned a version of this dress when I noticed this blog post yesterday, from Boo Dogg. Two dresses, two completely different looks. Don’t you love that about sewing? A choice of fabric (and length of cut!) can transform the outfit. I love Boo Dogg’s version but I love mine, too.

Oh, the satisfaction of putting something on that actually works. I adore the fabric. It’s a nice, crisp cotton that is thick enough to avoid any embarrassing reveals in strong sunlight. The print features polka dots, flowers, trellising and those lines you can see are lengths of tape measure. Doing some DIY and don’t have a tape? Here – use my dress! Bizarre, but very cute. The fabric is from Beyond Fabrics on Columbia Road, East London. If you ever have the chance, go there. It’s a wonderful flower market in Bethnal Green, full of the quirky and independent. Like the retro hairdressers, pictured left.

This pattern really suits my body shape. I have a belly, there’s just no avoiding it. I could lose two stone and still have a paunch. But the area around my rib cage isn’t too bad, so the high waist and flounced skirt work with me rather than against me.

Any criticisms of this pattern? Well, that very cute bow tie to the straps makes it difficult – not impossible, but difficult – to find a cardigan with a neckline that will sit well. And this is Britain. We NEED cardigans. Sunshine could disappear in a cloud of volcanic ash at any moment. The straps also make choosing a bra difficult. I loathe strapless bras. Do I want to feel as though I have a band of rubber hugging my flesh to my skeleton? No, I don’t. So choice of bra is all important. Pretty straps, white straps – just don’t reveal your grey straps.

Here’s a side on view:

Side On

Please don’t criticise the fact that the tape measure prints don’t match up! This was my first exercise in matching fabric prints during composition. To make the tapes match up on the front, there was just no way of making them match up on the sides.

To the far left of this picture you will see a tidy little set of drawers and a cake stand. The tidy set of drawers was recently purchased to house my sewing bits and pieces, plus the worms’ nest of black leads and extensions and chargers and other writhing bits of plastic that seem to take over any modern household. The leads used to live in the cake stand, which I rechristened the ‘Technology Tree’ but my oldest friend in the world came to stay. ‘Next time I’m here,’ she ordered, ‘I want to see that lovely pink cake stand empty of technology.’ You don’t say no to my oldest friend in the world. Now, I just need to bake some fairy cakes to go in there.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today’s sunshine has made me ridiculously happy.

Close up of the pieces

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7 Responses to Vogue V8380

  1. Karin says:

    What a cute dress! Is that quilting fabric? I usually only use quilting cotton for kids clothes, but I have to say it looks good in your dress.

  2. Sara says:

    Congrats!!!! Lovely dress and the fabric is just gorgeous!!! It’s so unexpected… and the shape too, amazing!

  3. Summerflies says:

    Hi I love that fabric … I keep buying green fabric for some reason and it seems to be at the Op Shops too … I bought a crepe backed satin yesterday in that green for $1 and there is 3.2mtrs!!

    I made this dress in a lovely crisp cotton in a size 12, but I had to give it to my size 6 sister (it was a little loose in the waist) because it was so small in the waist band area. I was really looking forward to wearing it too … I even asked her to give it back when she was finished with it.. not to throw it away…(she is of the use it then toss variety of person and doesn’t appreciate really how long it all takes .. does anyone who doesn’t sew????)

    Anyway looks great and I will make this pattern again … I made the v-neck version and it is a very low and short bodice.. most versions I have seen are your version.

    Beautiful site … oh I’m in Brisbane (Aust) and it is winter here today… a high of 27 degrees celsius … beautiful sunshine…

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