Simplicity 2599 and the Betty cardigan

Spotty fabric is spot on!

Oh, I do love a spot of crass word play. Groan. Okay, I’ll spot now – ahem – I mean, stop.

I’ve got round to using that lovely spotty cotton I bought from Saeed Fabrics in Walthamstow. Check it out! I can tell you that the top has already had lots of wear. The cotton is great. It barely creases. £4 well spent! And I love this patttern, Simplicity 2599. How much? This much:

Do not adjust the set. This really is four versions of the same top. So Zo recently blogged about peculiar incidents of repeat sewing here at Colette Patterns. I’m so with So Zo! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you can wring every last penny’s worth out of a pattern that suits your body, why not? So Zo is also a big fan of cotton sateen, and that grey fabric with the black polka dot is sateen. It’s lovely. A tendency to crease, but the sheen is heaven.

I’ve also started a new knitting project, and this evening made a swatch. Ooh, 15 rows into this baby and I knew I was in love. I never make a full swatch – do any of you? Come on, halfway through a swatch you can do the maths. It’s not complicated. This Roman Stripe pattern (for so it is called) suits me down to the ground. Enough variety to keep me interested, but not so complex that my eyeballs bleed. 

The swatch is for the Betty cardigan by the Yarniad – a perfect knit for summer. I bought Rowan Pure Wool 4ply in a nude colour, as apparently nude is hot this season. Also, more pragmatically, this colour will go with a lot of outfits. Elsewhere, the Yarniad has this knitting pattern, which is really tempting me as a future project.

So that’s my week in crafts. What else have I been doing? Well, at 7.30am I wandered down to the polling station. It’s general election day in the UK. Tomorrow, the world could be a very different place…

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3 Responses to Simplicity 2599 and the Betty cardigan

  1. Zoe says:

    Oh, the general election. I’m too scared to check the results online. I LOVE your cotton sateen top! Ok, keep going with that pattern, you have 7 to beat! x

  2. Suzanne says:

    If a pattern is a perfect fit, you might as well keep using it! You did a great job.

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