My Big Fat Greek Knitting

I’m back! What do you mean, you hadn’t noticed I’d gone? I’ve been in Skiathos, a Greek island, for a week. Feta cheese, Cosmopolitans, Factor 40 goose fat – I mean sun lotion – sunshine, moussaka, cheery Northerners, sun loungers. This has been my life for the past seven days. Heaven, absolute heaven. Oh, and something else featured large…

Mad Woman Knitting

‘I’ve never seen someone sunbathe and knit at the same time before,’ my sister said, with something approaching dry humour. Or was she just laughing at me? I’m not sure she was alone. I spent the week fielding questions, bemusement and open shock at the fact that I was knitting in the sun. I can’t blame anyone, really. I must admit, I felt a tad eccentric. But one of the best things about getting older is that I really can’t be much bothered what other people think any more.

Here is my lovely knitting with sun lotion and trashy novel. (Ooh, have you read Sebastian Faulk’s take on James Bond? It’s fascinating – and perfect for a holiday read.) I seem to recall suggesting in my last post that this pattern wouldn’t make my eyeballs bleed. Well, no. But it did make me swear quite a lot. The decreases were a nightmare and there were more than a few ripe words employed. But generally, this has been a delight to knit up. I really can’t wait to see the finished project.

Other FOs found their moment in the sun. Here I am wearing the recently blogged about Vogue V8380 dress:

Retro style photos taken with the Hipstomatic iPhone app. Finally, I should share with you the view at my favourite restaurant, Amfiliki. Check it out. My fork almost missed my mouth, I was staring so hard:

View from the Amfiliki restaurant, Skiathos

My version of Shirley Valentine. (God, I love that film.)

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4 Responses to My Big Fat Greek Knitting

  1. Debi says:

    Wow! Looks like an amazing trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Greece! Can’t wait to see the knitted cardigen!

  2. Tilly says:

    Hehe I can imagine the knitting sunbather must have left a lot of people bemused! Hope you had lots of chips n egg…

  3. Sherill says:

    I’m leaving for Greece in 3 hours, and decided to Google “Greek knitting”. Your post came up, and I love it. I’ll be knitting my way through the country, although probably not too much time to sunbathe at the same time.

  4. I always knit in Greece. The sun, the beach, even at the tavern when my husband looked at do not know what football game. So far no one has looked at me funny. I love Greece! Can not wait to go again!

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