Slip Stitch Sensation

You may or may not recall my recent blog post about the Jenny skirt – and my shamed reveal of some fairly awful hand stitching. I sent out a plea for help and advice. Well, please allow me to introduce Stitchy Witch of the Green Apples blog. Stitchy Witch suggested that I might like to investigate the slip stitch. Woah! Can you see the above? This is the arm hole hem for the Sencha blouse. That hem is stitched down.  (I’m not talking about the machine-sewn turn of the hem, which is fairly obvious. I’m talking about the hand stitching holding the hem down to the main body of the blouse.) Can you see the stitches – can you see them?! Thought not! Okay, calm down Karen. Deep breath. I heart slip stitch.

I used this video clip to learn how to slip stitch.  It’s charmingly lacking in video tutorial savvy – she often forgets that her digits are hiding the actual sewing. But there’s quite enough detail here for anyone to get the drift … and do some wonderful hidden sewing of their own.

So thank you, Stitchy Witch!

Today, I had a package to open from Beyond Fabrics – their delivery of the Lollipops fabric that I’d ordered for a second version of the Jenny skirt. Heaven! Quite separately, I recently invested in a new set of earrings. Can you see how well these will go together:

Sartorial Symmetry

Fashion fate? Or the sad evidence that a woman with a blog shops too much? You decide…

I’m off to do some more slip stitch!

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  1. stitchywitch says:

    I’m glad I was able to help you! Isn’t slip stitch like magic? I really like the fabric you show above with the buttons… so cute!

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