Work-I-Mean-Yawn In Progress

Work In Progress – the Three Words of Death

I wish I had a lovely finished object to share with you. After all, I’ve put the hours in. But I’m at one of those frustrating in-between stages. Oh, and things have been going wrong.

My Betty cardigan is coming along in a slow, lovely, largely methodical and satisfying fashion. I only have to knit the sleeves and I’m almost there.

My second version of the Jenny skirt is less satisfying. First of all, I forgot that Beyond Fabrics have slim 112cm bolts of fabric, so my one and a half metres really has to stretch. I’m using every last scrap, to the extent that I’m even including the finished edge:

Using every last scrap

I inserted my first ever lapped zipper, following this wonderful tutorial. But only after I realized I’d forgotten to reduce the depth of the waistband – which is cartoonish on my figure. The fit of this skirt definitely isn’t working as well as my first effort, so I predict some ripping and re-sewing. Okaaaaay.  I can do this.

I hope I have better things to share with you soon. Hope things are going well with you! Tell me if anything exciting is happening in your world.

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