Green – the colour of inspiration

I am nearing the end of my time with the Betty cardigan. Working in a pattern other than plain stocking stitch takes its toll. Anything with a dense or lacey stitch tends to leave me with RSI. Long ago, I learned to avoid moss stitch because it involves double the number of wrist movements per row of knitting. Now, I can feel an ache in my right arm from all the looping and double looping that Betty asks for. Time for a spot of yoga! And when I say spot, I mean nothing that includes leggings and a mat. I’m talking this…

I can’t touch my toes but I can do this!

I find this a really good move for relieving the ache of Knitting RSI. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive yoga work out, I can recommend looking on itunes for yoga podcasts. There’s also some good knitting advice here for avoiding RSI, including a tip about the use of circular needles.

How does sewing affect our bodies? There’s a lot of peering and bending over, for sure. I’ve found that decent back support is essential for an extended period of hand sewing. A good light helps, too.

How do you avoid aches and pains during your sewing and knitting? Any tips to share with us all? And one last, very important question. All these aches and pains… It’s RSI, right? It couldn’t possibly be … age?

I leave you with an inspiring picture I took this weekend. This is a 6-year-old’s crafting. Recognise the figure? It’s a version of the statue of Christ the Redeemer on the Sugar Loaf Mountain, Brazil.  My best friend’s daughter felt no shame having to explain what this was. It’s craft at its best – sincere, joyful, emerald. We should all have a green putty figurine in our households, just to remind us… It may not be perfect, but somebody made that!

Christ the Redeemer. Obviously.

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3 Responses to Green – the colour of inspiration

  1. Tilly says:

    Personally I can’t knit at all for the RSI! And hand sewing is a pain too. I’m not *that* old, so I like to call it RSI anyway. Giving myself a little hand massage helps.

  2. i can only do basic knitting but i hear you on the sewing pain – i lean over my table when i’m cutting pattern&/fabric and afterwards i literally have to uncurl my back into an upright position

    btw i love the christ the redeemer putty figure, it’s fantastic!

  3. Sharon says:

    Well, I don’t knit so I can’t relate to that pain, and so far sewing hasn’t affected me too much. Of course that could be because there hasn’t been much time to sew lately 🙂

    On a different note, that pose is amazing. Before I even read your post I had to try it out … I failed miserably but hey! now I have a new goal right.

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