Hamming It Up

Yay! Look what’s arrived. The tailor’s ham feels like the first ‘serious’ Sewist Acquisition of my short career. Yes, yes, so I own a sewing machine, tailor’s chalk, enough interfacing to stick my face to the wall and a seam ripper. But a tailor’s ham? I didn’t even know what one was until a few months ago. For some reason, I expected it to be all soft and squishy. Quite the opposite. It’s a brick! Stuffed solid with saw dust. I’m going to keep this by my bed to tackle thieves with. And my boyfriend had better watch out. Any more back chat and I could take him down with this. I suppose at some point I should also try using it when I sew.

And Simplicity 2591 has arrived. Do you know what this spells? Hope. Optimism. Potential. Or… Grinding Disappointment. Swearing. Cries for help. Oh well, for now, let’s walk on the sunny side of the street and stick with optimism. I’ve already spotted a Beyond Fabrics print that I’d like to use with version B:

Brick Road fabric

Wheeeee! How joyful is that? But I must be patient. I can’t try this pattern out first time with their expensive fabrics. I’ve spotted a really sweet cheap cotton at the new-to-me Walthamstow shop. I’ll work with that first and see how things go.

On a totally separate note, I’ve hatched a new theory today. You know how we’re all blogging about sewing? I’m not sure that’s the whole picture. Anyone here keep up with a TV programme called ‘Come Dine With Me’? It’s compulsive viewing – a group of strangers who all hold a dinner party for each other, getting drunk, dropping plates, sometimes cooking well, sometimes badly. But I don’t just watch it for the cooking – oh, no. I watch it for the jaw-dropping, fascinating Must See that is Other People.

I think we’re the same. I love seeing your FOs, don’t get me wrong. I rely heavily on your hints and tips. I enjoy sharing my experiences. But every time I catch up with my blog reading, there’s a million questions fizzing in my head. Here’s a random sample:

  • Why, oh why, hasn’t a publisher offered Gertie a book deal yet?
  • What does SoZo teach when she’s not sewing?
  • How does The Cupcake Goddess organise her photoshoots?
  • Does Tilly and the Buttons work in a cinema I know or have been to?
  • What moisturiser does Erica use? She has the best complexion I’ve ever seen.

This is just a small selection of what rattles around my brain. On a daily basis. About people I’ve never met.

Strange, huh? Am I alone? Or do the rest of you enjoy these vicarious glimpses into other people’s lives? What’s that, you say? You want a glimpse into my life? Okay, hold on to the seat of your pants. It’s exciting, people… This is what I did today:

Who Says Sewists Don’t Rock?

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6 Responses to Hamming It Up

  1. stitchywitch says:

    I love my tailor’s ham! I use it constantly. And yes – part of the great thing about reading blogs is the glimpse you get of other people’s lives. (BTW, I would totally watch that show if it were in the US… I love trainwreck tv, it’s my guilty pleasure!)

  2. Tilly says:

    I just had to look up tailor’s ham in my Complete Book of Sewing. That’s a very professional purchase! I get the impression Zoe teaches English, but maybe that’s just me projecting the life of another British friend of mine who lives in Spain onto her. You’r so right about Gertie’s book deal, Cupcake Goddess’ photo shoots and Erica’s amazing skin! Maybe I’ll keep an air of mystery surrounding moi… (possibly because the answer wouldn’t be that exciting)

  3. Sara says:

    I completely agree! The same questions pop in my head everytime I read other blogs. But I guess this is the beauty of this vitual world, getting glimpses in other people’s lives.

  4. Yes, retain your cinematic air of mystery, Tilly! You can be the Garbot of London. I have a huge ironing board – good for lengths of fabric, less good for ironing tiny details. Hence the ham. Thanks for your comments, Stitchywitch and Sara!

  5. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh yes absolutely! Blog reading fulfills my need for community (other people DO sew! Who knew?) and also for narrative. I cannot bear “reality” tv, but give me a good blog post with intriguing details about a person’s real life (behind the staging of their FO shots) and I am happy! I know them, but I don’t “know” them.

  6. Aldara says:

    I think the getting a glimpse of other people’s lives is exactly the reason why I read blogs. The sewing tips are just bonus. 😉

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