Too Cute For School

Karen Emerges, Pale and Blinking

‘What’s this?’ I hear you cry. Where’s the shabby chic heart wall hanging, the background details of the kitchen and the jaunty hand on the waist? Karen’s changed her pose! Yes, seduced by the sunshine of Britain’s hottest day so far (and desperate to escape the footie) I stepped outside for a FO shot. Plus, my boyfriend was on hand to take snaps so I was able to abandon the mini-tripod and self-timer for once.

Can you tell? I’ve finished the Betty Minisweater. It’s only taken five weeks, although in my own head, it seemed to take far longer. Partly, because I knew my attention kept drifting to the sewing. But finally, today, I blocked, I darned, I worked my way through the attachment of 13 tiny buttons – et voila!

This has worked much better than I thought it would. I knew that tension would be absolutely crucial on such a small knitted item, so carefully kept an eye on that. But even so, I kept worrying that I might end up with something that looked just a bit … well, small. In fact, it’s turned out perfectly. Here’s a side on view:

This pattern saw my first ever attempt at grafting the shoulder seams. It’s a bizarre, mysterious experience. Grafting is knitting made by wizards. You do all these weird, mystical movements with a darning needle and two seams are brought together in one, smooth knitted surface. It’s bizarre, and highly satisfying. Two less seams to darn! (Really. Darning is soooo tedious.)

By one of those wonderful twists of fashion fate, I bought a brooch this week that goes perfectly with this cardigan. It comes from the Cancer Research Charity Shop on Upper Street, Islington, and cost £4. £4 well spent in my opinion! Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Okay, enough celebrating of a successful FO. What next? Oh, don’t worry, I’m already onto that. 299 – count em! – cast on stitches and the Birch shawl is already in progress. This is an extremely popular, free pattern from Rowan. I have bought the most gorgeous ruby red wool to knit with, photos undoubtedly to come. I’ve even invested in a set of decent circular needles – Addis, as recommended by Susan at Damn, Knit and Blast It.

So, it’s been a successful weekend. For one of us, at least. Let’s not dwell on how a certain set of English men must be feeling right now. I know nothing – nothing! – about football. But if I may risk a naive opinion on today’s events: why is so much money spent on footballer salaries when those pounds could be invested in training future generations? If only FIFA would consult the opinion of a humble knitter… I’d take their 4-4-2 and tell them to cast on 299!

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6 Responses to Too Cute For School

  1. Tilly says:

    What a cute knit, and yes, perfect with the brooch! Hope your neighbours didn’t spot you outside and not glued to the telly. My, you must have been boiling in that today. I stayed inside to cut out Beignet, but still managed to burn my left arm from the sun streaming through the kitchen window. Sheesh!

  2. Karin says:

    The sweater and the brooch do look cute together. You must have been dying of heat when you took that picture. Living in England, you’ll need a sweater soon enough!

    As for the football, I suggested to my DH that perhaps the FA should consider a nice, middle aged, female manager who knows nothing about football, but everything about dealing with people! After all, the coaching staff should be handling the football side of things, anyway. And, it seems to be the teamwork, people side of things that is just a mess. Just a crazy thought.

  3. Yes, ladies. As soon as the photos were taken that cardie came off. 100 per cent wool is HOT in this weather, even on a tiny item like this. Karin – I agree. Let someone with some people skills get in there!

  4. Roobeedoo says:

    Very cute! Especially with the brooch. It looks more like crochet than knitting.

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