Slice of Heaven


Not much sewing going on this week and only a tiny spot of knitting, because I’m in Oxfordshire on a writers’ retreat. We’re staying at a lovely Quaker facility and below is a picture of my bedroom window:

Brideshead Revisited? Not quite.

We have a full programme of events (sadly, none of them about knitting or sewing!) and I need to get some writing done, but I am glad to report that the world of crafting hasn’t entirely shrunk out of view. I have a tapestry on the wall above my head when I sleep:

Bless this home

And I have brought my knitting with me!

Well, it can’t all be about the writing.

But largely, for the next few days, it will be about the writing, the chatting, the comparing notes, the gossiping, the imbibing, the afternoon naps and the puddings. Oh, the puddings.

I have just been given a new commission to write a YA novel as a writer-for-hire (under a pseudonym). The book is to be set in 16th-century Venice. Oh my goodness me. As well as all that yummy historical research, I have outfits to describe. There’s going to be a wedding dress scene! I can’t wait to get stuck into bringing these clothes to life on the page. If any of you fashion and dressmaking experts can recommend good research tools for 16th-century Venice fashion, do let me know. I will love you for ever.

Well, this is just a quick visit from me. I have blue skies to stare at and first chapters to write. I think I am in my own version of heaven. Croquet, anyone?

Big sticks

I hope you are all enjoying your weeks and have found your own slices of heaven. These moments in life are to be cherished.

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4 Responses to Slice of Heaven

  1. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh wow! That sounds like such a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in writing and history! Can’t you get a trip to Venice “on expenses”?! The only thing I know about that period is that Lucrezia Borgia was around then… and there are some fab portaits of her in amazing clothes. Maybe a good biography of LB would have the bibliogrpahy to start you off?

  2. Thank you SO much. That’s exactly the type of tip off I need! I’ve just ordered a biography of Lucrezia from Amazon. Thank you.

  3. Oh how lovely! How wonderful to be able to write about 16 century wedding frocks. I’m sure the book will be wonderful! If you are able, do give us bits and pieces! And look and that heavenly place! Oh I wish I was there! So beautiful and so peaceful! Gorgeous!

  4. Meg says:

    Have you come across this Blogger ?
    She blogs about the clothing of many eras, but I bet she’d know a thing or two, or at least know where to go to find out.

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