Sencha Blouse Give Away!

Roll up! Roll up!

Let’s do the exciting stuff first, shall we? My failures with the Sencha blouse have been documented here. But one Sewist’s failure may still be another Sewist’s success! There’s no earthly reason why this pattern should sit languishing at the bottom of my sewing box, so I’m putting it out there for one of you lovely people to win, should you so choose to rise to the Challenge of Sencha. (It can’t be that challenging for most people. This pattern is rated ‘Beginner’.) I’d love to see someone make this into a blouse to die for. (I only managed to make it into a blouse that made me want to die.)

Some details: the pattern is cut out to a size 10. (38 1/2 bust, 30 1/2 waist, 40 1/2 hip.) I apologise to sewing purists out there who would only ever trace from  a pattern. I get stuck in with the scissors! So if you don’t want a pattern that’s already been cut out, this offer isn’t for you. I should also – ahem – admit to a grease spot on one of the pattern pieces, thanks to placing it on a kitchen counter. But it’s no biggie and certainly shouldn’t affect any of your fabrics.

Photo below of the pattern pieces cut out but carefully placed back in the pattern:

One Careful(ish) Owner

So how do you get your hands on this scrummy pattern from covetable Colette Patterns? Answers in my comments box by 10am Greenwich Mean Time (London time) Friday 16 July to the following question:

What was your favourite item of clothing as a child?

Needless to say, I shall pick a winner based purely on the subjective, the entertaining and the mood I happen to be in on Friday morning. I am happy to post this baby anywhere in the world so come one, come all!

To answer my own question… Ooh, this one’s quite hard, isn’t it? Okay, it would have to be the flared jeans with the appliqued butterflies. Or was it the orange night dress that I insisted on still wearing to bed years after I’d outgrown it? It definitely wasn’t ever any of the scratchy aran jumpers that my dear Nana made for my sisters and I.

Okay. Your turn!

In other news, I’ve been nursing the end of a cold which meant I couldn’t turn up to the 10k race I was meant to do this morning. Though someone else did! What a shame. Two London Sewists could have been panting, side by side. A big well done to Fehr Trade!

Instead, I spread out on my sofa and comforted myself with mohair and silk as the shawl I’m making slowly grew:

Oh, the recuperative qualities of quiet, repetitive knitting. Just having this wool between my fingers made me feel better. On Friday I stopped by the Conran shop on Marylebone High Street. I like popping in here, just to see how the other half live and what they spend their money on. There happened to be a sale and I left with a crazy coloured plastic wicker basket. ‘This will come in useful,’ I told myself. But then I entirely failed to find a use for it. Make-up? No. Cotton wool balls? No. Jewellery? No. Everything had its place and was accounted for. Then inspiration struck as I went to place my fragile lace knitting on the floor beside the sofa. I could do better than that!

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

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9 Responses to Sencha Blouse Give Away!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hello there! I just discovered your blog & really enjoy the ramblings of a fellow crafster. I’ve had my eye on those Collette patterns and would love to try one out, so here is my entry and reply to your question: My favorite outfit as a child would be a steller matching sweater/skirt/legwarmer combo that I think I insisted on wearing every week to church for at least a year (I was probably about 6 yrs old). It was a creamy color with a sweet little pastel heart design. Pretty amazing.

  2. Debi says:

    My favorite item of clothing as a child was a sweatshirt that I painted with a horse on it. To say that I painted it is a bit of a misnomer. My grandma is a painter and we began the shirt together…I filled in the big brown blob. When I woke up the next morning, the sweatshirt looked amazing with a beautiful horse head (and amazing shading!!). My grandma told everyone I had done it and how proud she was of me…ahhh…I loved it and it is such a special memory for me!

  3. Liz R. says:

    I have recently cleared out the remainder of my things from my parents house and happened on a journal from when I was 11. Being unable to keep any regular writing up it was comprised of a total of 15 entries across the span of a year but the amusing part to me was the end where there was a place to list “all-time favorites” and I thoroughly filled that in and listed under Clothes was “Purple outfit from Units.” Ahh the early 90s…so confused. I remember they were solid brightly-colored knit tubes that you could wear as a top or skirt or scrunched into a belt. I wore it with these horrible hammer-style pants from the same store. Truly scary to think back on.

  4. Aldara says:

    Umm, tough one, I wasn’t very fashion sensitive as a little kid. I think one thing I love to bits when I was about 3 was my little yellow sleeper. It was practically a bag with armholes and it kept my feet warm even when I went down the stone steps to my grandma’s flat. Needless to say, I scared both my parents and grandma out of their wits (especially when I dragged my not-yet-one-year-old sister with me) because it didn’t have any legs, which is kind of not very practical when going down stairs… (We both survived it, though…) 🙂

  5. Lindsay says:

    I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone! Ever! (The greatest thing about the internet… you can embarass yourself, and no one can see how red your face gets.)
    My favorite clothing item, from the age of about 3 to 4, was underpants. Yep. You heard me right. Underpants.
    Someone had given me a pack of those days of the week ones, and I was obsessed. Couldn’t wear the Tuesday pair on Friday… on no…. I drove my poor mother near insane trying to make sure I always had the right day ready for me to wear.
    To make this humiliating story short, I became so obsessed with my undies, that I decided the only thing to do, was to wear them ALL AT THE SAME TIME. (The really freaky thing is I can actually remember my logic when I made the decision. “If I’m wearing all of them, I always have on the right day of the week! They’ll never be dirty in the laundry! We can be together all the time!”)
    I pulled this off for about two days. A preschool parent was helping me put on my coat to go to playground, when she noticed my pants looked “a little lumpy.” She mentioned it to my mother when she came to pick me up.
    Strangely enough, the days of the week undies disappeared after that, and were replaced with boring, white ones.
    You should consider sending me this lovely blouse pattern because I’m afraid I’m falling off the days of the week undie wagon. I keep looking at adult ones on the internet. Only the lovely Sencha Blouse can save me from a life of lumpy bottomed, multi-underpants wearing madness.
    You don’t want to be responsible for that, do you? Do you?Please pick me.

  6. Mimi says:

    I really enjoyed the humorous story by Lindsay – too funny and I know that I will be giggling for days ahead thinking about it. Anyway, nothing can top that one but I will share my favorite clothing item when I was a child… it was a dress to start off with and for some reason I absolutely loved it and wore it all the time, and I mean all the time. It got to the point that when it was too short as a dress I wore it as a top with shorts, perfect for another summer. Finally, one day I just got too big for it and could hardly put it on never mind trying to take the dang thing off at the end of the day! I remember seeing a photo of myself with that top and it was some tight looking and very faded. I’ll bet my mom was happy to see me finally out of it sheesh! she probably had to rip it off me that last time!

  7. Roobeedoo says:

    My favourite piece of clothing as a child was my Magic Flower dress. It was a navy and white cotton frock – stripes or gingham I think – but it’s main attraction was a big daisy applique pocket. I believed that it was a magic flower, and if I rubbed it, my wishes would come true. My mum thinks I got this idea from a kids’ tv programme, but I can’t track it down. Anyway, I kept a tiny china dog in the pocket to double my luck. It had a hollow body and I used to put my hand in my pocket and stick the dog on the end of my finger while I walked along.

  8. Holly says:

    My favorite piece of clothing when I was young was actually a t shirt silly as that is. It was bright purple. My favorite color, and had the kids singer Tim Noah on it, and I wore it all the time. I have several pictures of me in it haha. My good friend and I had matching ones. We got them when we went to a concert.


    beachcovejewelry at gmail dot com

  9. sorrel says:

    Yo! Hello Karen, I am actually not entering this competition as I have my own pattern misery awaiting me at home already, ha ha! Have you ever tried one of those patterns where you have to print them out and stick all the bits together yourself at home? Aaaargh! I thought I was buying a normal pattern. I appreciate any words of wisdom!!!

    Anyway, FYI and all that: the best item of clothing I had as a child was a pair of black patent leather shoes. They had a detachable bow, and —even better— the ankle strap was on a hinge so you could tuck it away at the back to create ballet shoes! How good an idea is that! I’m all for detachable and moveable bits on clothes.

    Lindsay: That is the best story ever. Pure logic in the eyes of a child, I love it.

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