Thank you all for your entries into the Sencha giveaway and your stories of childhood outfits. What a glimpse into people’s youthful adventures! The OCD affection for day-of-the-week pants, tear-jerking stories of kind grandmas, shoes with detachable bows (yum!) and Hammer-style pants. We could fuel the nature/nurture debate for several hours to come, unpicking that mixed bag of revelation. As kids we don’t always get to choose what we wear, but we can use our outfits to wield terrifying power over exhausted parents. It’s the Tuesday pants or I’ll scream until I’m sick! Alternatively, we can build furious love for a single item of clothing that sparks our imagination or just makes us feel loved. We learn very early on that fashion is power and clothes can illicit powerful emotions. Interesting.

But there was a clear winner to this competition. For the insight into a young girl’s creative imagination and the worlds children travel to, it has to be Roobidoo‘s charming account of her Magic Flower dress with the applique pocket, key to magic adventures and wishes come true. The tiny detail of the china dog that lived in her pocket made my heart melt. Well done, Roobidoo, the Sencha blouse is yours! I’ll email you for an address.

I leave you with a tantalising photo of three different cotton fabrics drying over my balcony, prior to sewing. I’m hoping to share one of them with you at the weekend in snaps of a finished outfit. Can you guess which fabric I used?

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  1. Roobeedoo says:

    Really?! I was sure the pants girl would win! Thank you so much! 🙂

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