Ebay Russian Roulette Bites Back

Jumping Jacqmar Flash!

Hurrah. I officially win the award for most contrived photo caption, with chronic word play crowbarred in. Aren’t you proud of me?

Okay, come on. What’s happening here? I’m all for the Russian roulette of Ebay shopping. The seller was admirably honest about the several holes that litter this Jacqmar silk scarf. And all credit, it’s a gorgeous weight of silk with a beautiful print:

Beautiful Indeed

But hey – I had no warning about the chronically bad repair attempt at one of the hand rolled hems in contrasting blue thread, done by someone clearly wearing mittens. I don’t mind wearing a scarf that is a bit, well, vintage. But a scarf that is a bit, well, ruined? That’s another matter.

So. Do I try to repair, or do I take this as an opportunity to adapt?

Only one more scarf, and I could probably make myself a pure silk half slip as recommended by The Cupcake Goddess in this blog post? That feels fairly sacrilegious, but then this silk scarf did only cost me £6. Another cheap one, and I could have a wonderfully eccentric and privately gorgeous garment.

What do you reckon? Am I a heathen or a visionary? And why aren’t people more honest on Ebay?

Despite this slight disappointment, I definitely want to track down a better Jacqmar scarf. The heavy silk and the lovely print are both something quite extraordinary.

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5 Responses to Ebay Russian Roulette Bites Back

  1. Louise says:

    I love Jacqmar scarves, I have a few in my collection. You would be surprised at how cheap you can sometimes pick them up in second hand shops because usually the people putting them out on the shop floor don’t know what they are. I would make it into something else and look out for a better specimen for wearing. x

  2. stitchywitch says:

    How disappointing! I might be inclined to try to repair it… after all, if it doesn’t work you can still use it for something else! I have never heard of Jacqmar, but the print is lovely.

  3. Geogrrl says:

    I’d also try re-repairing the hem first.

    If not…

    The front half of a sleeveless top? White/cream silk for the back?

    Cut it up to use for trim or applique?

  4. Great suggestions! I like the idea of using it as the front section of a top, as it won’t quite stretch to making a whole top.

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