Gertie Gingham & Fast Fits

You could almost mistake me for Gertie, non?

Here I am in the skirt made from some stretch taffeta gingham bought in the summer sale from John Lewis. Along with the free skirt tutorial courtesy of Gertie, I reckon this new item cost me about £9. Result! I’m also pleased that this provides me with an opportunity to wear the purple leather belt that my sister bought me for Christmas. Double result!

I wore the skirt during a day’s hard work at the Royal Festival Hall today. I snapped a quick photo in their art deco-esque toilets:

Look at the sheen on that gingham!

I love the sheen. It’s subtle enough to wear as daywear, but interesting enough to give a novel twist to a classic gingham. Here’s another close up of the shiny-shiny beauty:

Shiny, Happy Fabric

Gertie’s pattern is great for beginners (although the zip attachment is a bit, erm, basic) and it perfectly suits taffeta. But hey – you all probably know that already.

I’ve not just been sewing, I’ve been reading about sewing. Further to advice from Stitchywitch, I bought a copy of ‘Fast Fit – Easy Pattern Alterations for Every Figure’. I discovered with my three versions of the Simplicity 2591 dress that I seem to have an issue with my upper chest. As soon as the book arrived, I feverishly turned to the page entitled ‘Narrow Upper Chest’. The first words in the first line of text began thus:

‘As we age…’

Once I’d calmed down and picked the book back up from where I’d hurled it across the room, I discovered that this woman actually talks a lot of sense. My previous adjustments to the bodice didn’t quite work because I adjusted above the armhole, whereas I should have sliced and spread the bodice piece below the armhole to narrow the upper chest section. I am actually looking forward to further bodice adjustments now, because I really want to see if this technique works. Thanks for the tip, Stitchywitch!

Sandra – the woman who tells me my upper chest is getting old.

PS Have you heard that it’s Knit Camp in the UK next week? They’re having a ceilidh, and everything!

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8 Responses to Gertie Gingham & Fast Fits

  1. rachel says:

    Very cute! It looks great with the belt too – a perfect summer outfit!

  2. stitchywitch says:

    I love it! I like the smaller gingham on yours, and it looks great with the wide belt (I love wide belts!)

    I’m so glad the book is helpful – I know I felt completely lost with fitting until I got it! And the best part is, you will soon learn that you do the same alterations over and over again, so it’s not like starting from scratch every time.

    I can’t wait to see the results of your reading!

  3. Roobeedoo says:

    Ooh yeah – love the shiny gingham!
    Are you coming to Knit Camp?
    I will be there on Saturday.

  4. Geogrrl says:

    Um, well, the author was generalizing a bit.

    You have a “low bustline”, which is not uncommon at all.

    I’ve made two versions of the “shapely tank” from
    White Lies Designs

    and the pattern calls for me to place the bust darts at the top of the armhole. There is no way, at any age, and no matter how good my bra is, that I am going to have the midpoint of my bust at my armpits. I lower the placement of the bust darts 2-3″

    Cute skirt, BTW. You did a wonderful job and the combination of gingham and taffeta is a great juxtaposition of casual and dressy.

  5. Tilly says:

    It’s gorgeous! I want one! (And as someone who has seen you in the flesh, I can verify that you don’t look a day older than 25 – don’t listen to Sandra!)

  6. Wow, Tilly – you’re my new best friend!
    Roobeedoo – no, sadly, I’m not going to Knit Camp.

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