Throw a stick and you’ll hit a sewing machine

Spotted in Macclesfield

Even a trip up North doesn’t get in the way of sewing-related photos. I saw the above in an antiques shop. I managed to resist investing in this sewing box. It actually wasn’t that tricky to avoid the allure – there was the definite smell of aged wood and I wouldn’t like the pong to infect my notions.

I’m more tempted by this, my boyfriend’s mum’s sewing room:

I want one!

Sigh. The luxury of a dedicated sewing space. I wish I had a room of my own, though quite how my boyfriend and I would schedule any conversations alongside my sewing addiction is a bit beyond me. At least now he can see me from the sofa when I’m sewing, and laugh at my ripe swearing.

Boyfriend’s Mum has a Bernina. So do fellow Sewists Roobidoo and Stitchywitch, I’ve discovered. And soon I’ll have one, too. Can’t wait!

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2 Responses to Throw a stick and you’ll hit a sewing machine

  1. stitchywitch says:

    Love that Singer… my Mother-in-law has one similar which she still uses, and while it only does one stitch (straight) with no reverse, it sews that stitch beautifully!

    I’m lucky that my husband shares a hobby room with me (it’s a very large room) so we can be together when working on things (he builds sculptures and models out of Lego bricks.) Otherwise he might never see me some weekends!

  2. Kathryn says:

    My sister has a Bernina – she uses it for freestyle machine embroidery pictures (and has even been known to sew through melted plastic with it, which has possibly voided the warranty…) Despite such rough treatment, it’s still going and she loves it! I’m sure you’ll be kinder to yours… personally, if I had one, I’d tuck it up at night with a blanket and some soothing words. Possibly even in my own bed!

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