Amy Butler Swing Bag

It feels fitting that I began this bag on my Toshiba and finished it on my new Bernina. I had some denim left over from my make of the Simplicity 2512, plus there had been a gorgeous printed cotton sitting in my stash since my birthday, when someone bought it me for a gift. Oh, and did I mention the giant wooden buttons I’d rescued from a jacket that had outworn its use? Denim + cotton + wooden button + new sewing machine = sewing success! Or I think so, at least.

This is the Amy Butler Swing Bag. I’ve made it once before. It works for a season, but I wouldn’t rely on carrying this bag around with me in a year from now. As a fabric bag, it simply has a limited life. It’s not leather. But still, it’s relatively straightforward and – my favourite – open to customisation.

I made special pockets inside to house my Oyster card and with a loop for tying my Cath Kidston gadget case with cord attachment (perfect for making sure your iphone never falls out of your bag, I’ve used mine every day since I bought it):

Interior shot

The instructions advise us to reinforce the side seam with a wide zig zag stitch. Zig Zag Schmig Zag! With all those new stitches at the touch of a button? I went for tiny hearts:

And the new Bernina? It’s a dream, an absolute dream. I knew it would be much better than my ancient Toshiba, but I had no idea it would be quite this earth-shattering. My sewing world has suddenly opened up. Which means I now have no reason left to make swing bags instead of a second Simplicity 2512. Those expensive fabrics scare me. I can’t bear to mess up. But with a new sewing machine under my arm, I really have no excuse. I must plunge forth. After all. No one’s watching. Are they…?

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5 Responses to Amy Butler Swing Bag

  1. Karin says:

    Nice bag, cute hearts! You lucky girl! How lovely to have a new sewing machine. How did you choose your specific make and model? There are so many on the market.

  2. rachel says:

    That is so cute! The button is perfect.

  3. Karin – I applied almost no science to the choosing of a sewing machine, other than knowing that I wanted a Bernina. (Gertie recently bought one and if it’s good enough for Gertie…) I then took my boyfriend’s advice to set my budget and then spend a little bit more. As it happened, the machine I ordered had £100 off in a sale, so I got something that was a bit more high end than I’d planned. I am very excited by the quilting options, that I hadn’t considered before.

  4. Roobeedoo says:

    Love the button and the heart detai l- woo hoo!

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