Drink, Shop and Do Review

Someone looks interested.

A colleague emailed me:

I’ve seen a shop I think you’d love.

She wasn’t half wrong, readers! Three of us wandered down the Caledonian Road in Kings Cross yesterday lunchtime to step inside this place of wonderfulness. It’s not just a shop. It’s a cafe too and they hold (several of them free) crafting lessons, as detailed here:

Tuesday night is knitting night!

For the Sewists and Knitters out there you can find wool, needles, vintage spools of thread, patchwork pieces and vintage fabric:

This place is also a good source of last-minute gifts and, oh, I haven’t even mentioned the cafe area yet:

It’s light, it’s bright, there are pastries and cakes, cocktails and herbal teas, LOADS of seating to spread out and relax. I really have a thing about natural light – as much as possible, please! – so this space looked like heaven to me. I am definitely planning to come back here and sit down with a drink and a book, or a drink and some knitting, or a drink and some work… It’s a hop, skip and a jump from the office and stays open until 11.30pm. I may end up moving in here! You can see here how pleased this place makes me:

There’s so much to see and browse over, most of it for sale. My favourite spot was this:

Almost perfect. Real slices of cake would make them better.

So, that’s ‘Drink, Shop & Do‘. Get yourself down there! (But not on a Sunday or Monday. It doesn’t open then.) If you see me at a table, don’t hesitate to say hello. Or does anyone fancy it if I organise a meet-up here, anyway? Fancy meeting your fellow bloggers after work one evening? Let me know in the comments if you’re up for it and I’ll set a date. (I dreamed last night that I bumped into a fellow blogger, who has just moved to Texas, USA. Is that just weird?)

While I’m here, I must mention another new shop that I’ve heard tell of. My boyfriend’s stepmum recently came to London to do a millinery course at Central St Martin’s. Her tutor directed her to Atelier in Kingly Court off Carnaby Street as a source of supplies. I also recently overheard (eavesdropped?) staff at Maccullough & Wallis direct a customer to this same place. I haven’t been there yet myself, so can’t vouch for it, but it’s always good to know about a new place to scout out. Atelier does millinery courses, as well as providing all the bits and bobs. Good stuff!

Finally! Bag Goes Biking. Yesterday, I went out on one of London’s Boris Bikes with my new Amy Butler Swing Bag, that is just perfect for placing in the basket on these bikes:

Wheeeee! Actually, no. These things don’t go fast.

Drink, Shop & Do

Caledonian Road

London N1 9DX


First floor Kingly Court

London W1B 5PW

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19 Responses to Drink, Shop and Do Review

  1. superheidi says:

    Another reason why London is such a great place. I’m quite jealous actually. 😀

  2. You can’t be jealous, Superheidi! You live in AMSTERDAM! You lot have more cool in the tip of your little finger than I can ever dream of.

  3. superheidi says:

    If only… I live in Rotterdam, that’s a whole different story, believe me.

  4. kattomenium says:

    Wow, I love this place. Wish I was in London more often!

  5. Tilly says:

    superheidi – Rotterdam has the best film festival in the world!

    Karen – thanks so much for posting this – I MUST GO! Does that blackboard say “Play with clay”? I so want to play with clay! And eat cake and talk about crafting. I’m well up for a second meet up… x

  6. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh me oh my – that place looks like heaven! ALMOST makes me want to live in London (nah, sorry, can’t do it!)

  7. superheidi says:

    @Tilly, yes I do like the Filmfestival, it changes the city in a good way. But we could do with more many cosy places like above, to balance the hard & urban spirit. On the bright side: we don’t get the bingedrinking, stagnighting, potsmoking, prostitutestaring tourists like Amsterdam does. 😉

  8. Geogrrl says:

    I was beginning to think it was just me that has a thing about natural light. I go around flinging open curtains and shutters to let in light. The people around me sit there, blinking like owls in the unaccustomed brightness. I blame computers for this tendency to want to live in a cave.

  9. Thank you all for your brilliant and laugh-out-loud comments.

  10. V. Kathryn Evans says:

    It looks ace – next time I’m in town….mmm….vintage fabric….

  11. Michelle says:

    That looks amazing, can’t wait to go there. Thanks for posting about it!

  12. Lysy says:

    What a find! I’d love to come along if I happen to be in London!

  13. Karin says:

    If you organise a night out at your new find, do let me know! It looks so cozy and perfect.

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  16. serenasnoad says:

    Totally agree. Drink, Shop & Do is one of London’s special places. Had afternoon tea there on Friday and it was fantastic; finger sandwiches, cocktails, board games and lots of fun 🙂

  17. Emma says:

    I’m looking into going next week, the place looks lovely!

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  19. Kate says:

    I work nearby and although the cafe is lovely I don’t think they sell fabric any more. What a shame.

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