Simplicity 2512 Take Two

Remember me?

As is my wont, another make on a pattern I’ve already used. Remember ‘She Reminded Me Of Blue Denim‘, worn to death since the day I sewed my last denim stitch? I decided to make this skirt again with some wool bought off Ebay and some satin contrast tape purchased from MacCulloch and Wallis. Here’s the detail of those two so very different fabrics playing nicely together:

Satin meets wool = match made in heaven.

I inserted a lining on this skirt, no easy task when you consider the unusual construction of the waistband. I also decided I would use this make as an exercise in excellence. I would:

  • take my time.
  • pay attention to detail.
  • use a gentle touch on the foot pedal.
  • hand sew everywhere necessary.

I dreamt about the skirt last night and crept out of bed at 6am to sew before the working day started. This is how seriously I took the Simplicity 2512. So, as I reached the end of the project, carefully nurturing my wool fabric, it only stands to reason that I …

  • forgot to check the temperature on my iron and…
  • scorched the wool.

I didn’t even notice at the time. It was only as I carried my skirt back to the sewing machine, admiring the freshly pressed (read ‘burnt’) hem that I realised my error. For the second time in my sewing career, a fresh pan scourer came in useful. Readers, please learn from my mistakes. Check your temperatures before pressing wool. It’s enough to make a grown woman scream the house down. (I’m not even going to mention the fact that I locked myself out of the house this morning. Do you know how much it costs to get a locksmith to slide a square of plastic down the side of your door and let you back into your own home? £60. Think how much fabric I could have bought for £60.)

I digress! Do you want to see the nice contrast hem that this pattern recommends? Here it is on the new sewing machine:

Hem binding

I think I’m done with this pattern – for now. This latest make is okaaaaay, but with my belly and that tulip shape the sideways view isn’t as flattering as it could be. I made it a tad too long, so fearful of that mid-thigh hem line. The heavy wool made the split at the back a tiny bit clumsy and this definitely isn’t a skirt you can throw together with just anything. As I’ve said before, you need to think about what blouse or T-shirt or even cardie you’re going to wear. It’s amazing how a tulip skirt can be made to look like a sack if you’re not careful. As I’m sure you can see, a well-fitted waistband is crucial. But this skirt is FUN. I like that.

I’m slightly at a loss now. What to make next? I might surprise regular readers. I have a pattern lurking in a drawer that is so … not particularly me. But I saw Erica wearing it and placed a spontaneous Internet order. It’s the V1183:

Me? Not sure.

I know. It’s not really me, is it? But Erica promised it was easy-peasy and it made me want to step outside my comfort zone. I could definitely make a version of this skirt for the office. Erica made it in linen. I’m not so sure about that, mainly due to the creasing qualities of linen. A lightweight wool? If you have any suggestions, do let me know. Oh, and do let me know how Vogue fits. Does it have the same challenges as Simplicity patterns ie generally being too big? Do save me from wasting a make, even if it’s a muslin!

Finally, a detail of that satin contrast tape for one last time, tidying up the top of my zip insert:

It’s just not me to be so tidy.

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14 Responses to Simplicity 2512 Take Two

  1. stitchywitch says:

    Cute – I love the contrasting tape! You’ve inspired me to make one of these, and I want to line it – how did you do yours?

    Vogue patterns are my favorite. They do not add as much ease as Simplicity, but be sure to check the finished measurements on the tissue… that’s how I pick my size. I am often an 8 on top, 10 on bottom, which is the size they recommend for me, but occasionally I have to size down.

    The great thing is that they will tell you how much ease they are adding – the terms “close fitting” etc mean something, here is the chart:

    I have that pattern too. I think it’s a very classic look – it might look nice in a menswear style suiting, or at least that’s my plan if I ever get to it!

  2. Rachel says:

    Lovely skirt, though I think I like it best in denim. It inspires me to try one, though I am not sure that tulip would work for me being rather busty. That satin trim around the zip is so so neat… very impressive.

  3. Tilly says:

    Nice work! Very chic. Ooh and you’re right about the wool and satin – gorgeous contrast.

    I’m a bit wary about buying fabric off ebay – would you recommend it? Maybe it’s just that I’m rubbish at knowing the names of the different types of fabric.

    That’s so sweet that you got up at 6am to work on this! Maybe that’s what I need to do (can’t seem to find any time to sew)…

  4. rachel says:

    I love it! Especially the contrasting bias tape – you’ve inspired me.

  5. Roobeedoo says:

    Love the satin / wool combo! Weren’t you tempted to satin-tape the hem too? But that might have broken the line too much…
    I don’t get on with Vogue patterns – their sizing is nothing like my shape so I would be OK for a skirt or a top (different sizes for each), but a dress is a no-go area unless I want to completely re-draft the pattern. I know lots of people do this as a matter of course but I prefer to buy a pattern that fits all over, if at all possible.

  6. Roobeedoo says:

    P.S. Thanks for your comment re my SSS. I think the Bella trousers shape works well to elongate the body / legs – and the waist is actually no higher than that skirt you are wearing! Bella also flattens out the tummy = double prizes! In other words – I think you should make some Bella trousers too!

  7. Thanks for all your comments!

    Tilly, to answer your question about Ebay. This is the seller I used for my lovely wool fabric: For a long while now I’ve bought knitting wool off Ebay and never had any problems. Yes, fabric shopping on the Internet is always risky, but this seller has good descriptions and photos.

  8. Karin says:

    Your skirt is gorgeous! It looks…luxurious! I can’t see any of the little niggles you mentioned. Can’t wait to see your take on Kay Unger.

  9. Roisin says:

    That contrast tape around the zip is so gorgeous – if I saw a rtw skirt with that kind of detailing I’d buy it, it’s so elegant! I like this in the wool, and I think that the dress you’ve picked out is lovely too. Maybe something like a ponte di roma would work, and then it would be versatile for the autumn as well?

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  12. Elizabeth says:

    I love your skirt. Very cute!

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