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Simplicity 2512 goes on holiday

I know what you’ve all been thinking. Karen, where have you gooooonnnneeeee! Okay. So perhaps you didn’t even notice my lack of blog posts, or had other much more constructive reading matter to entertain you. I am, after all, a small dot in the great pointilist painting that is the Internet. But, I’m back!

My first reason for absence was work. I had two fiersome deadlines to meet with two different manuscripts, as well as the full-time office job and the duties that leak into evenings. I was getting up early to work before work – that’s how bad it was. Time for sewing? Nada! Head space for blogging? Zilch!

But then I went away for a short break to Mablethorpe, a Northern seaside town our family used to visit during the halcyon days of a Seventies childhood when the summers were endless. Or seemed endless.

Away from my workaday life, I was finally able to relax. And you know what happens when a Sewist relaxes? Her eagle sewing eye comes back into play. I spotted a shop in Mablethorpe called ‘The Olde Curiosity Museum’. Well, I had to go in, didn’t I? This is what I found:

Aladdin’s Den?

I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. To give you a better idea of the scale of hoarding, here’s a close up of one tiny corner:

I know. Crazy.

The hairs rose on the back of my neck. Look at all this crap, I thought. There’s bound to be some sewing crap here, too. Ahem, when I say ‘crap’ I mean ‘vintage items’.

I began a slow, careful circuit of the shop. Not a member of staff in sight and no CCTV. I could have been cramming musical boxes, miner’s headlamps and marble eggs into my bag, if I had those tendencies. (Fortunately, shoplifting was beaten out of me at an early age when I once took a tube of sweets from a shop, only for Mum to hear the rattle in my pocket when we got home. I’m joking about the beating, but the look on her face… I never tried that again!)

Anyway, eventually I found the sewing corner. It wasn’t as big as I’d hoped, but there was this:

Display case

It’s an old glass display case from a Regent Street shop, full of everything a Sewist might need: metal zips, buttons, needle-threaders. It would make the PERFECT decoration for a sewing room. If I had a sewing room. But it turned out the owners of this shop weren’t as green as cabbage looking. This was for sale at £45, which I thought was a bit steep for an impulse purchase. Especially when I had no idea where I’d put it.

Instead, I turned my attention to the patterns and for £4 I ended up buying these:

A vintage bargain!

That crazy cat at the back. Fancy a closer look:

A 1972 treat

I hope I’ll use this ‘Style’n’Fit’ kit. I’m someone who often looks at simple patterns and thinks, ‘Hmmm, I’m sure I could have a go at that myself.’ The Butterick pattern was the wrong size for me, but then I thought about all my sewing friends out there in Blog Land. A giveaway! So I snapped it up. Here’s a closer look, if you’re interested:

Butterick 3354

I really like the little frills around the neckline and collars. The sizing for this pattern is:

Bust 34

Waist 26

Hip 36

Back waist length 15 and a quarter

This is a Teen pattern (I confess I’m not sure how that affects things) but if you think this gem might fit you or could be adapted to your body, feel free to enter the giveaway. I’ve just checked and all pattern pieces and instructions are there – plus! – two vintage (!) pins which I will leave there just for your delight and amusement. All you have to do is post a comment below, answering the following question. A question, a question… Okay, seeing as I am just back off a short break, here is it:

What is your favourite childhood holiday memory?

I’ll choose a winner on Friday 1 October. I’m happy to post this anywhere in the world.

I leave you with a final, glorious shot of the British seaside at its best. Aw. I don’t think Zippy’s feeling very motivated.


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11 Responses to Butterick 3354 Giveaway

  1. Winnie says:

    Hello ! I have been reading your blog, & am impressed by the sewing / running combo in your life. Is it really such an odd mix? It is one that I share- how do you find the balance between the two? Do you think sewing while you run?

    Anyway, your giveaway competition has inspired me to come out of the woodwork 🙂 !

    Memories of a childhood holiday? We didn’t have family holidays, but I can remember one particular Guide camp ( I was a Girl Guide until age 12 for my sins). This Guide camp had lots of crafting & camp-craft action. Memories include sleeping round the “mast” of a bell tent & having to keep everything from touching the sides or else the rain would pour through. I remember our “wellie sticks” outside the tent that we used for upside down wellie storage – off the ground & out of danger of getting the insides wet. I also remember making washing up stands (with a hole for washing up bowl & a “draining area”) out of string-bound sticks from the forest. I have vivid memories of the competitions – pre camp comp to sew your own cushion to sit on for the week (I remember mine, because I won with a knife, fork, plate of food applique design made out of washable plastic). The other dreadful competition was the “design-a-wedding-outfit-from-whatever-junk-we-have-at-camp-competition”. I am sure our team’s bride is still recovering from pneumonia after having a tin-foil bandeau top & mini skirt ensemble (in those days it wouldn’t have been turkey size foil!). I can picture her goosebumps still – sorry for your suffering Anita!
    I have surprised myself with this – the detail had obviously been smothered by an overall snapshot of rain, more rain & lots of chores whilst always wearing kagoules (oh – & the strange toilet tents that felt (& smelt) like a fabric phone box.

    Thanks for the competition!

  2. Oh, Winnie, I was a Girl Guide too who went on camps. You’ve brought back a lot of memories!

    I don’t think sewing and running are mutually exclusive at all. Running is the perfect balance to any sedentary activity and sewing is almost (almost!) as sedentary as desk work. Well, apart from the leaping up to the ironing board.

  3. rachel says:

    We have a few stores like that around Melbourne. Sometimes I feel I have the mood to battle with them, and other times I’ve walked in and slooooowly backed out again. So crazy!

    My favourite childhood holiday memory is staying at the beach in Queensland (perfect beaches!) and eating fresh pineapple sandwiches on soft and chewy white bread that my Dad would make for us. Delicious. Then we’d go swimming and have fish and chips for dinner.

  4. Tilly says:

    Oh my!!! That pattern is beauuuuutiful! It’s just my taste, and almost exactly my size! Will just need the bust taking in an inch, but that’s easy (she says, fingers crossed).

    Childhood holiday memory? Hmm… the one that sticks most in my mind is the one that my mum likes to remind me about every time we’re anywhere near a beach, which is when I was 3 I would insist on wearing bikini top only (other little girls went for bottoms only – not me, I was already ahead of the fashion game). Anyway, despite my insistance about this, I would still screeeeeam across the whole of Bournemouth beach, “I’VE GOT SAND UP MY BUM!!”

    That’d be my favourite in retrospect, but the moment I remember being happiest at the time – I warn you, this is going to sound reeeeally sad and show me up for the nerd I am – is being in France aged 7 and being super excited that there was this whole other language and that I could learn to say words in that language. My clearest holiday memory is staying at our French friends’ house and holing myself up in my room and staring at some little notes I’d made with “au revoir” etc written on them. I thought it was the most amazing thing.

    No, I still don’t have much of a social life.

  5. Roobeedoo says:

    Love your outfit in the top picture. I would never have thought of wearing leggings with that skirt, but the added mad pink scarf really does make it work – you look very yoof-ful!

    I am not going to enter the giveaway because I already won your copy of sencha (and much-loved it is too!).

    That shop reminds me of a place in the New Forest where I bought my polka dot crockery. There are not many of those places left!

    And the donkeys… ah, that’s just like my memories of Filey in the late 1960’s. I MUST raid my mother’s photo collection !

  6. Katha says:

    ooooo i wish these shops would exist in Ireland! *jealous* 😉

    (longtime lurker crawlign out of the woodworks)

    my favourite holiday memory is eating (sandy) jam-baguette sandwiches on the beach in bordeaux as kids. man i dont think theyve ever been that delicious since.

    btw your blog is awesome and so is your sewing. thanks for letting us catch a glimps into your life

  7. Pineapple sandwiches?! Okaaaaaay.

    Thank you all for your brilliantly entertaining shared memories. Talk about opening pandora’s box! Keep ’em coming!

  8. Katherine says:

    Firstly, I love the pattern and it would require minimal adjustment if any!
    Secondly, my happiest childhood memory is of my first visit to Australia when I was five and I got to meet a whole new family. It was winter in the UK, but the most beautiful summer in Australia. I remember everything being new and very strange to me but I loved it.
    This really has been lovely because I am going back to Australia in a few weeks and I feel so excited!

  9. jackie says:

    I went to boarding school from age 10-14. my favorite memories were during the times when we would close school and i would go home.

  10. lizajane says:

    What a fun post! All of your photos are great.
    My favorite childhood holiday memory is of a trip to Hunting Island here off the coast of South Carolina, USA. It’s a barrier island, not really a regular holiday destination and not very populated at that time. I remember finding tons of great shells and sharks teeth. Can’t find them there anymore, though.
    If I win I nominate Tilly to have the pattern. My body is no longer “teen” or even “sub-teen” anymore and no where near those measurements :).

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