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Mulled Wine Craft Inspiration

You may remember my original September review of Drink, Shop, Do. This London shop has been gaining momentum and this week was featured in The Evening Standard. Kings Cross is the new South Bank, don’t you know?

So I thought it was about time to organise a crafting get-together at this great venue to coincide with one of their scheduled events. Why not put this in your diary:

Evening of Wednesday 1 December

Make Your Own Mulled Wine Spice Bag

Details to be confirmed nearer the date, but for now – make sure you keep this pre-Christmas evening free.  The shop has a festive crafting do slotted in, and I’ll be there! If you want to join us on a Crafting Night Out, post a comment below and I’ll add you to the list for more details as they’re confirmed.

Not yet tempted? Check out their cakes:

Eat me.


Still not tempted? Take a look at their basket of wonders:

You know you want me.

You’re kidding me! You’re still hesitating? As well as their cocktails, herbal teas, vintage furniture for sale and old school board games, they have these:

Circa 1975

For £1.50, I bought a magazine to teach me how to crochet. I’m embracing my inner grandma (finally!) and want to have a go at this most adaptable of crafts.

As I left the store, I spotted something I felt sure would appeal to SoZo:

Nicely Nautical

So, come on down! If you’re in the London area I”d love to see you, it’s the perfect pre-Christmas crafting evening, and we can enjoy a cocktail or two. Really, what’s not to like?



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7 Responses to Date For Your Diaries

  1. Tilly says:

    I’ll be there! Do you know what time it starts? x

  2. Woohoo! They’ve provisionally said 7pm, but I think they’re waiting to firm up details.

  3. Shivani says:

    crafting? cake? mulled wine? I’m there!

  4. Carly says:

    I would like to come 🙂

  5. Zoe says:

    and me and me and me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Count me in! That’s so funny, I was scanning your blog and gasped at the nautical things, THEN saw your comment, so you couldn’t have been more right!

    Looking forward to meeting you in the flesh. Save a cocktail and cake space for me!


  6. Jane says:

    I’d love to go but can’t get there any earlier than 8pm. If you’re planning to make a whole evening of it I’m in! Jane x
    (just looked at the website and it looks FAB!)

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