The Keith Richards of Sewing

‘It’s great to be here. It’s great to be anywhere.’

Did any of you come across the latest classic quote from Keith Richards as shared with Jamie Oliver? Apparently, he had to ask his kids to stop eating meringues in the house. Whenever he saw the white sugar flakes they left on the floor, he dropped to his hands and knees, licking a finger tip to collect them back up in case they were discarded flakes of Class A drugs.

Since sewing with 100 per cent silk thread, I now know how he feels:

Warning! An Addictive Substance

Normally as I sew at the machine,  I’ll cast aside the ends of threads with gay abandon. I toss them over my shoulder to gather in a heap at my feet. I then usually track these threads around the house until I can’t stand it any more and drag the vacuum cleaner out. Am I alone in this?

Anyway, with the new make of V1183 I thought I’d go the whole hog and invest in some 100 per cent silk thread. My mum’s words rang in my ears: ‘If you’re going to do a job at all, do it properly.’ I bought two spools of thread, convinced that would be more than enough. But I hadn’t counted on all the top stitching and edge stitching. After one evening of work on the bodice (one evening’s work!) I found myself in this quandary:

Empty thread spool. What, already?

I now wish I could do a Keith Richards. Throw myself on the floor and collect back all those scraps of thread that I casually cut and threw aside. Take it from me, people. Don’t indulge. Not when silk thread is involved. It will lead you down a dark, expensive path…



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6 Responses to The Keith Richards of Sewing

  1. Karin says: sells silk thread and delivers quickly, if that helps. The top stitching looks great.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    OMG! I totally throw thread with wild abandon. I am actually worried I will run out of plum thread for the dress I am currently working on right now! My son hates waking up in the morning and walking all over my thready bits. He points at them like they were poisonous spiders!

    I’m so glad I am not the only one. 😉

  3. Tilly says:

    Crikey, how much does it cost? Actually, I don’t want to know.

    Thread gets in the funniest places. Hardly worth hoovering at all really, as it’s only going to get worse.

  4. Roobeedoo says:

    Well at least it comes on a proper reel. My mum gave me some silk thread from her sewing stash and it was on little cardboard tubes which didn’t fit the spike on my sewing machine.
    Please don’t look at my floor. There are sewing threads a-plenty but you can’t see them for dog hair, log-bark from the woodburner, and mud from my husband’s boots 🙁

  5. Rita says:

    Yep, I toss thread with abandon as well. I find strands of thread all over the house.

    This recently led to me completely running out of black thread.

  6. Clever blonde Donna G says:

    Thank you for such honesty, I’d never be the first to admit it but I too throw thread on the floor, and leaves it there until vacuum day. I feel so much more normal!

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