Headmistress Karen’s Bethnal Green Field Trip

Good students will get one of these

Right, no dilly-dallying at the back! We’ve a lot to get through. First stop, Broadway Market by London Fields in Bethnal Green. I want you to hit the market stalls and take notes:


Then pop your snivelling nose into Fabrications (yes, you, Johnson!), nextdoor to the jellied eel shop:

Hmmm. I don’t think you’ve done quite enough research. Take your clipboards and pens to Our Patterned Hand. Spit, spot!

Our Patterned Hand has only recently opened, but it’s going down a storm as evidenced in reviews such as this one.

£38 a metre. Write that down!

They even stock a contraption that’s recently been highlighted by The Cupcake Goddess:

A Skirt Marker

Headmistress Karen seriously liked this shop. They had some super-lovely fabrics at a decent price range. Apparently, they’re also giving classes. Classes…

You there! Mitchell! Stop picking your nose and wiping it on the cotton batik. It’s time to walk in a snake past Hackney City Farm and into Columbia Road market, where Beyond Fabrics awaits us:

A quilter’s paradise

Here’s the array of cotton pupils can find inside BF:

Right, class dismissed. Go and make me something lovely. If you don’t turn in your homework on Monday morning, it will be detention for the lot of you.


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10 Responses to Headmistress Karen’s Bethnal Green Field Trip

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh those shops look amazing! I’m moving to London next year and can’t wait to have so many new places to explore!

  2. Tilly says:

    Miss, what did you buy? I don’t believe you would have come back empty handed, Miss…

  3. Believe it or not, I actually didn’t buy anything! I’m forcing myself not to invest in any more fabric until the red dress is completed.

  4. melissa says:

    oh no, my local secrets are out!! (actually, I only discovered Our Patterned Hand a few weeks ago and scrawled the beginnings of my review on their business card but haven’t quite gotten there yet).

    All these places are within really-very-too-easy walking distance of my office, too. Though if you want to put one more on the map, Fashion Antidote is only a little further walk, midway down Brick Lane if you wanted somewhere to sew up your goodies. 🙂

  5. It’s an easy trip for us from Walthamstow, I took stacks of pics at Broadway Market myself earlier in the year but never got around to blogging them. I must go there more often, it’s so much easier now the little chap is out of his buggy.

    I wish I was handier with the needle and thread! I’ve so many ideas but I get in a right state when I try and make any of them.

  6. Aldara says:

    Oh yay, I’ll definitely check those out when I’ll go to London next time. Well, whenever that will be…

  7. LaurelT says:

    I, too, am moving to London, in August. So this is such an exciting and helpful post. I want to go now now now!

  8. Carly says:

    Thanks for this post Karen (I know I am late to it!) – I think I’m going to have a trundle East on Saturday in search of the perfect Rooibos fabric and will be checking out everywhere on your guide!

  9. Carole Heath says:

    I know London fields and the Broadway market i lived in Pritchards road not far away from there. I haven’t visited the area for years as i moved to Wallington Surrey, i used to go to the pie and mash shop quite often when i was young in the 50’s it looks quite up-market now does the Broadway market i will have to take a trip up there sometime.

    • Jocasta Miranda Durrant says:

      Hi Carole regarding your comment. yes I live near the Broadway market I brought a flat not far from there myself. It is very up-market now with lots of shops and bars etc. You will find it much changed since you lived near there. I hope you do visit sometime worth visiting I think.

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