So Nearly There!

How many red nail varnish bottles can one woman own?

The V1183 dress is finished. Which means I can choose which colour goes best for my nails. Bizarrely, they all look far too dark in this photo but one of them is spot on.

Sadly, I cannot blog about this dress tonight. Why not? Well, there’s this for starters:

You try taking photos for a blog post when you have to go to the local municipal swimming pool for a shower! I’m very glad to finally be getting a new bathroom, but really – this shouldn’t happen to a Sewist.

My boyfriend is also selfishly out tonight. Enjoying himself. Pah! My photos without his help look like this:

And, oh – those daylight hours. Gordon Bennett! Winter is here and it feels as though I have a window of approximately 5 minutes a day in which to take photos before gloom descends, clouds thicken, pea soup fog swirls and the natural world spits in the eye of the blogging community. Give us a break! I don’t know how anyone is managing to take photos right now.

Right. I’m off to find my old swimming costume so that I can cycle through the damp, freezing fog to the sports centre to tiptoe over damp, freezing tiles to swim past floating plasters so that I can then shower, come home and dry my hair to look vaguely presentable at work tomorrow.

On the plus side, I have a whole evening home alone, a box full of fabric and some patterns that need breaking open. A new project! Hope, optimism and excitement. Oh, and I really must paint my nails a startling colour red.

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3 Responses to So Nearly There!

  1. Karin says:

    I feel your pain! We did a major renovation 2 years back. Picture bathing infants in front of a coal fire in a bucket- for months. Shiver.
    I am sure your new bathroom will be fantastic. Please do post a pic when it’s done.
    You are right about the gloom. It is well nigh impossible to take a decent photo. Not that I do that well anyway, but beginners don’t need extra challenges like darkness.

  2. Roobeedoo says:

    Why do builders turn up in winter? Maybe you planned them that way, but my experience in that the first whiff of winter weather brings them running, ready to whip off doors and rip out windows. Grrr. But it will be worth it! And you can kick-start a fitness regime at the same time – bonus!

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