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Can you tell that it’s coooold in the UK? When I met up with fellow bloggers Tilly and the Buttons and carlymakesstuff for our festive evening at Drink, Shop, Do it was freezing. All three of us arrived wearing thick, cozy tights. Zoe of SoZo and another crafty friend had to cancel their plans to join in because of trains going nowhere. I shan’t talk too much here about our evening making mulled wine bags because I hear that Tilly will be blogging about our evening soon, and I’m sure she took much better photos! Suffice to say, we had fun.

Our evening also inspired me. Lovely Carly was wearing a fabulous crocheted snood. I’ve been looking at snood patterns. I’ve also been harbouring a desire to learn how to crochet. So, I’ve decided to make my own version of Carly’s knitwear, as blogged about in this tutorial on her wonderful fledgling blog. I needed to buy some Rowan Big Wool and a crochet hook – so what better time to take advantage of the 15% off at Liberty? I popped along tonight and invested. Now, I just need to work out how to crochet. If you know of good online tutorials, let me know!

Whilst at Liberty, I thought I’d cruise the store for crafting inspiration. I did a comedy double take when I saw Erica B’s baroque style jacket, recently blogged about:

Wow! I thought. I didn’t know Erica had a sideline in supplying Liberty. I went to take a closer look. Do you want to know what the price tag said? Do you?! Make sure you’re sitting down. This cost the best part of  £2500. Though, it was on sale for £1700. Bargain! I’m sure many very special couture techniques were involved in the making of this, but seriously. Were their needles carved from diamonds and the thread spun from unicorns’ coats? I didn’t have time to ask because I was told to stop taking photos. I’ll say this, though. I am seriously impressed by Erica’s ability to spot and interpret high end fashion trends.

As I went to leave the store (I won’t be told to stop taking blurry photos by anyone!) I noticed a commotion. Turning a corner, I came across this:


Manolo Blahnik, as I live and breath!

This is a Spanish shoe designer of some repute. Glad to see he likes his slabs of chocolate, to be seen in the foreground! (Essential sustenance for all creatives.) The man with the quiff sending me a stare was a character and a half. Tight shirt, tight trousers, pursed lips and shimmying hips. You couldn’t make it up.

So after all this chatting, sewing of mulled wine bags, shopping and gawping I should get back to my make of the Cynthia Rowley 2472. I didn’t make a toile, people.

Oh, I also need to learn to crochet. Hmmm, and make some mulled wine. It keeps you busy, this crafting! If only the day job didn’t get in the way.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Sadly not an online tutorial but I found this book at my local (UK) library:
    It was the only one I’ve found that had clear enough diagrams for me to understand each stitch. Others I’ve looked at go into painful detail on making a knot then skip over vital parts!
    I hope this is useful, crochet is lovely.

  2. Kayla says:

    Hi! I learned to crochet from–specifically twj1963’s channel. she has great videos with slow motion and a lot of projects to choose from including beginner instructions. hope this helps =)

  3. Hi Karen! OOo- exciting crafty evening- wonderful! And also exciting that you are thinking of starting crochet! I’m trying to pick it up too, (as well as knitting – love having an armoury of choices in the evening). I have found with crochet that it’s helpful to have a basic reference book showing you what the stitches look like in detail. I’ve got the “Happy Hooker” by Debbie Stoller – it’s got some cute patterns in as well. As it’s in the Stitch ‘n Bitch series it’s written in a really relaxed & fun way. It also explains the differences between US & English terminology – which I forget, but not as much as the different stitches!
    One thing I’ve not checked out for crochet yet, but is really helpful for knitting, is YouTube (& if you happen to be one of the millions with an iPhone – easy???!)
    Can I ask you a question now? I remember that you were over the moon with your rotary cutter – is there any you’d recommend & what size cutting mat (should i Just go for A1?) Thank you!

  4. zoe says:

    hahahaha! Hella funny post! Wish I could have been there to hang out with you and the other gorgeous ladies.

    Yeah Karen! I hope you will forgive my vulgarity but I’m going to say it…… Fuck toiles!!!!!! They screw with your creative mojo, I’m sure your Cynthia Royley will rock hard!


  5. Sølvi says:

    Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time. Lovely. On crochet, make sure to check out the queen bee of crocheting; She’s got the most thorough tutes I know, and she’s extremly funny as well! has some good video tutorials as well. Good look on the crocheting!

  6. Amy says:

    I would like a jacket made from unicorn coats, definitely going on my Christmas list.

    Please Santa, I’ve been very very good!

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