A Very Odd Book Title and Belt Survey Results

The Happy Hooker – not a name I ever imagined for myself.

One cold, plus myriad pre-Christmas commitments = very little sewing or knitting. I did manage to squeeze some work in, but most of it I can’t show here for festive reasons. Happily, some I can! A friend asked me to crochet her a snood, so I’m working on version number two, shown in the photo above. I’m testing myself by attempting stripes and crocheting in the round ie making a loop rather than an oblong. Get me!

I also invested in the ‘Happy Hooker’ crochet book, as kindly recommended by Scruffybadger. Thanks, Scruffy!

On Wednesday I held Karen’s Knitting Klass at the office. This class, requested by a colleague, has been going for a month. My three students and I have made scarflets, and now some of us have moved on to mittens, following a very simple pattern from The Guardian. The pattern is several years old, so I can’t find a weblink, but if you go here, you’ll see that The Guardian continues to supply lots of knitting inspiration.

Starting work on the mittens.

I am very proud of my three pupils. Starting from scratch, their enthusiasm and patience have been impressive. For those of you considering teaching knitting, I would advise keeping your classes small. You will be doing a lot of bobbing about from individual to individual. You’ll also need to be sensitive to the needs of pupils – some see something once and they’re off, others need reassurance and repetition.


The results of the Belt Survey. I asked for opinions and I received them. As I write, almost 80 per cent of you thought the Cynthia Rowley 2472 looked better with a belt. Some of you had eye-opening suggestions:

  • Stitchywitch suggested wearing the blouse with a cardigan and a belt over the top of both items. This takes me so far out of my comfort zone that I am very tempted to try it.
  • Tilly and the Buttons and Roobeedoo suggested wearing the blouse loose but with a long row of beads. I like this suggestion, too! (In my dreams, I’m the flapper girl F Scott Fitzgerald fell in love with. In reality, I have too many bumps and mounds to flap.)

I think part of the issue is that the original belt I wore with the blouse just doesn’t work very well with it. It’s too narrow, and slipping sliding around. I need something more substantial. So I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for belts in the January sales. More news as it happens!

Oh, and having written such an ambivalent review of the make, I have since worn the blouse three times in the past week and been complimented on it. Which means I clearly know nothing!

Thank you all, as ever, for your help. I leave you with a photo I took on a freezing Monday lunchtime in China Town, Soho, London. I share this for no reason other than … just because.


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  1. How wonderful you have the Happy Hooker! I hope you find it useful & inspiring. Make sure you keep us advised on your crochet progress – & as soon as you get close to making the awesome bunny slippers let me know – we could have a crochet-a-long!

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