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Bright as a button!

On the shortest day of the year there’s simply no chance of taking a photo in natural light. Well, not unless you want to look at black, empty squares with me promising you I am actually wearing a new outfit, honestly.

This is an A-line skirt that can be put together in a day. I used a vintage Woman’s Realm pattern bought for £3.50 from a local shop, Beautiful Interiors. It has seven – seven! – variations.

I’d been craving a cord skirt for yonks, so this seemed like the right opportunity. I whipped up a quick toile and very glad I am that I made the effort. This skirt definitely needed taking in. Then I bought some cord for £2 a metre from – well, you know where from by now. I spotted some fabulous big red buttons, ideal for patch pockets. A vision was born! Only problem was my weekend trip away, which meant that sewing went on hold for four days whilst I did this:

Holkham Beach, Norfolk

If you are ever in Norfolk, you have to go and walk on this beach. It’s stupendous. It was also frozen when I was there, which was a curious and enthralling experience. Ever walked across frozen sand? You should. I was even able to wander over the salt marshes, which would normally be far too boggy to venture onto. The edges of the sea were crusted with ice and salt it was so cold and the whole experience was just, well, epic.

Back to the skirt! I returned home and set to immediately. As well as my gorgeous patch pockets, I took a wide ribbon to use as facing, following a tip shared by Roobeedoo from her Rockabilly skirt:

Ribbon facing

I was going to attempt a lining on this, but in the end it just didn’t seem to warrant the effort. An underskirt will do the don’t-stick-to-my-tights job. This skirt did mark my first EVER attempt at overlocking the seams. I’ve had my new sewing machine since September and haven’t yet used this option. Can you believe it? I either do French seams or leave seams raw if I can risk it. I was scared of the overlocking option. Now I’ve done it, let me share a secret. Overlocking isn’t difficult, but it is booorrriiiinnnnng. Guiding lengths of fabric through the machine with not a single iota of creativity. Yawnsville, Arizona. So, there. Now you know!

The contrast red thread used on the patch pockets is, well, a bit ropey. But these pockets sit at hip level and I figure no one I know is going to bend over to peer at my hips! And I actually quite like the crashingly obvious home-made touch on what is effectively a comfort skirt, to be worn with a comfort cardigan whilst eating comfort food. This is a skirt to make us all take comfort in this unbelievable winter we’re having!

A final point on this skirt. It goes really well with my red waterfall cardigan. Look!


I’m also wearing it with the black blouse I copied from an ancient, beloved blouse that was falling apart, details here. Job, as they say, done!

I leave you with a final photo of that amazing beach:

Frozen Salt Marshes

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13 Responses to Woman’s Realm Wonder

  1. Tilly says:

    Ooh lovely! That looks like ta skirt you’ll get loads of use out of (is that a sentence? Brain hasn’t woken up yet). I love the red buttons too.

    Wow, that beach looks like another planet! Stunning photos.

  2. Siga says:

    The combo with the red cardigan looks gorgeous. I love your choice of buttons!

  3. Jane says:

    Oh I love it: the shape, the cord, the ribbon facing, the pockets and of course, the buttons. I want one!

    I’ve been to Holkham beach several times, but never when it looks like that – amazing.

  4. superheidi says:

    Oooh, I like this comfort skirt, even when it’s a dark picture. I’m having the same troubles. And plans… for a cord skirt. 🙂 And I might even steel that trick of Roobeedoo’s ribbon facing. That looks so excellent!

  5. Clare says:

    Those red buttons and the ribbon facing add the perfect dollop of comfort and cheer to this skirt – I love skirts like this.

  6. jenibrown says:

    Super cute! Great buttons and love the ribbon on the inside.

  7. Roisin says:

    Cord is awesome. So cosy and wearable, and I love the buttons. AND the ribbon facing! Overlocking does sound boring, but I suppose it’s one of those things in life like doing the washing up….yuck.

    Stay warm my dear!

  8. Carly says:

    Oh I really like this Karen, what a cute skirt. The buttons, ribbon and contrasting seams really set it off too. Gorgeous! It looks stylish but easy and comfy to wear at the same time.

    I really need to make the trip up to Walthamstow market one of these days…! Going to put it on my list of January to-dos.


  9. Roobeedoo says:

    Ooh yes – that is really fab! It reminds me an awful lot of the cord skirt I recently bought (shock, horror!) from Seasalt Cornwall, which has the same button-pocket thing and a ribbon binding on the hem! Clearly we are both on the same wavelength!


    And it is sea… and salt…!

  10. Sharon says:

    Oh, the red buttons and bright ribbon facing are perfect! Love those additions to this great skirt.

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  12. Aldara says:

    Oh wow, amazing beach photos and that skirt is so lovely! I love the little details like the red buttons and the red ribbon facing! 🙂

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