Half Slip Heaven & Magical Mittens

Whipping something up

Well, I didn’t line the Woman’s Realm skirt, did I? So I had the perfect excuse to make one of Gertie’s half slips, following her tutorial here. Unlike Gertie, I’m not going to model this for you. What? Do you think I’m crazy? (Don’t answer that!)

I made this using lining fabric left over from the Lady In Red dress. So, basically, the half slip came free. I have enough of that pink ric rac to wrap around the world twice, cheap as chips off the market. Note to self: remember that the ric rac doesn’t like a hot iron.

This is a lunch hour project.  What other quickies have I been having? Wash your minds out – I’m talking about crafts.  Well, remember the mittens I cast on:

They’re finished:

For such a simple make, you have to be really careful with the fit. No one wants flapping thumbs, people! I had to undo those digits a couple of times until they were right.

Here’s another shot featuring the finished mittens in action on my weekend away, just before I released the paper lantern and that golden orb floated high into the dark, cold Norfolk skies:


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4 Responses to Half Slip Heaven & Magical Mittens

  1. Suzie says:

    Oh wow, I LOVE the last photo. I’ve always wanted to release those paper lanterns and watch them float off into the sky. And I keep meaning to make a few of those little slips as well – right, off to move them to the top of my To Do list!

  2. sue says:

    Have you shared the mitten pattern?
    Have you shared more info about these wonderful lanterns?

  3. Tilly says:

    So pretty! I love the idea of half slips. I seem to remember wearing them as a little girl, lord only knows why! Gotta make me one soon…

  4. Sue – sadly, the mitten pattern doesn’t have an online link. It was a freebie in The Guardian several years ago. The paper lantern was bought in a pound shop in Norfolk!

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