Happy Christmas one and all

Happy Christmas!

Another few hours, and Christmas will be upon us. The turkey is defrosting in the fridge. (Defrost in time, defrost in time!) The presents are wrapped and under our little fake plastic bright pink tree. The couriers and postmen have come good and the present my boyfriend ordered me over the Internet arrived this afternoon. Phew! I even remembered to buy some Christmas crackers from the local pound shop. I have nothing left to do other than… Oh well, I just happened to wander down the market today, didn’t I? So a couple of metres of something new are swirling around in the washing machine.

On Christmas Eve, did you honestly think I was going to abandon you without a final shot from Walthamstow market? In a spurt of festive good cheer, the local constabulary brought their horses out:

And as you can see from the opening shot, I’ve been doing some festive crocheting. I have a vague plan to make enough little tokens to string out in a garland above my fireplace a la Carlymakesstuff, blog post here. I tried to make those snowflakes, but to no avail. So festive (ahem) flowers, it is. I’m not gonna beat myself up!

This time tomorrow, I’ll have a full belly, new presents and I might be a bit half cut. I hope the same can be said for all of you. Have wonderful holidays! We deserve them, don’t we?

Festive Flowers

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