Class Creep

Mandy Shaw Wasn’t Kidding

This is another make from Mandy Shaw’s ‘Quilt Yourself Gorgeous’ book – the Strippy, Stripy Bag. Another project made out of scraps and therefore ‘free’. I’m starting to see how truly economical quilting is. Those cut offs languishing in the bottom of my stash box have stretched to several makes.

This bag is a behemoth, but perfect for taking supplies to my sewing evening course that starts in a couple of weeks. Excited, moi? I make myself feel sick, I’m such an enthusiastic student. I can just imagine all the other pupils, peering down their noses at me. Jeez. She even made herself a bag. What a saddo.

I was the type of kid who relished the start of a new school year and the opportunity to buy a spanking brand new pencil case. Though by the time I hit adolescence, I was the world’s worst pupil, sat at the back of the class melting lipsticks with a cigarette lighter. (Yes, truly.) Will I be scrawling ‘Down Wiv Skool’ on this before the term is over? I hope not – I’m paying for this course!

Here’s a close up of those stripes:

And it has an inside pocket just perfect for carrying patterns:

Last very important note about this bag. It’s great for swinging!

Swing it, baby!

Oh god. You can just picture me skipping down the path to Morley College, can’t you? ‘What are we going to learn today, Miss?’

Well, what am I going to learn? I’ve been told to bring a recent make with me. Obviously, this will be the Lady In Red dress because it’s the best thing I’ve been capable of. I’ve also been requested to choose a pattern to make on the course. Some of you suggested trousers, and I can really see how fitting a pair of trousers would be a great learning exercise. My only concern was whether or not it would be enough to fill the length of the course. In the end, I remembered a jacket I’d been hankering after ever since seeing makes by Boo Dogg and Me and Stitchywitch. It’s the Simplicity 2443:

Not only do I love this jacket, but I think it will present an interesting challenge because I’ll want to adapt the pattern. I want it longer on the body than the pattern picture and I’m defo losing those – what do you call them – rags hanging instead of buttons?! And if I want an extra challenge, I can try lining this jacket. I’m thinking either a linen blend of a light denim as fabric. Any thoughts?

Now, listen. I have one more day’s holiday before it’s back to the day job. So I can’t promise to keep up this rate of sewing or blogging. This may be a good thing – my back is killing me! Does anyone else suffer this from too much hunching over a sewing machine? Any remedies? (Though, I must say, one of those lavender filled bags you put in the microwave are lovely to lean against to relieve sore muscles.)

If you’re also returning to work next week, I wish you well as you travel into 2011. Once more unto the grindstone, friends!



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6 Responses to Class Creep

  1. Tilly says:

    Right, that’s it – I’m making myself a pencil case to take to my pattern cutting course. I don’t want you to be the only one to develop a reputation as a swot at Morley College. You’ve upped the stakes and I’m rising to the challenge.

  2. Cute bag! You always have such good photos too 🙂 hope the class goes well, looking forward to hearing about it.

  3. Roobeedoo says:

    Love the swinging shot – though you ought to have put your hair in plaits!
    You will probably find a whole class full of “swots” – don’t let them intimidate you!

  4. Jessica says:

    Great bag! The fabrics are really lovely. Has inspired me to get a move on and make something out of the fabric squares I bought a million years ago!

  5. Erika says:

    Lovely bag, just perfect to take to class! The jacket sure looks like an interesting challenge, and something that would be a whole lot easier with some help along the way =) Good luck with your class!
    Lol! I definitley get the same; too much sewing and various parts of me starts to complain =) The back, but also the arms (cutting fabric is heavy!), the shoulders…

  6. Aldara says:

    Oooh, lovely bag! I love big totes! 🙂

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