Future Beauty, 30 Years of Japanese Fashion

Photo courtesy of Barbican Art Gallery

I just wanted to remind readers of an event I’ve organised for Saturday 15 January. I’m going to the Barbican’s Future Beauty, 30 Years of Japanese FashionLittle Bird has already raved about this exhibition and a sewing friend of mine says it’s the best she’s ever been to. It’s £8 a ticket if you book in advance here. (£10 on the door.) The Barbican is the largest performing arts centre in Europe, and a fascinating piece of architecture. My boyfriend fantasises about living in a flat on the Grade II listed housing estate there, but he needs to get real.

I’m meeting up with Handmade Jane and Kate from M is for Make. Wheeee! I’ve never met Jane or Kate before, so I am really looking forward to making some new sewing friends. Join us, if you fancy it!  Between us, we can decide the best time of day to meet up. After the exhibition we plan to stroll to the Barbican Lounge Bar for a cocktail. A vodka martini or a raspbery mojitio? Decisions, decisions… Here’s the menu, to whet your appetite!

Barbican interior shot, courtesy of Nevilley


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6 Responses to Future Beauty, 30 Years of Japanese Fashion

  1. Looking forward to it! I’m quite normal I can assure you…

  2. Tilly says:

    What time are you going? I’m supposed to be doing some paperwork that day but might turn up if I get it done…

  3. We haven’t set a time, yet, Tilly – we could make it a mid-afternoon event, which would give you time to do your paperwork first?

  4. Nancy says:

    Hi Karen! I’d love to join you all – any time after mid morning works for me. You’ve inspired me to do the Morley College course too so look forward to meeting you there!

  5. Danielle says:

    I’m new in town & I’d love to meet you all if you’ll have me. Plus, Japanese fashion? Yes please!

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