Vogue V8363

I thought this was a wadder.

Now, this is interesting. Reasons to make new sewing friends? They convince you not to give up. I was telling Nancy about this skirt and how it had been a disaster. I’d trimmed three inches off the length and immediately regretted it. ‘It’s too short!’ I’d wail to anyone who’d listen. ‘I’ve ruined it.’

But Nancy wasn’t prepared to accept defeat on my behalf. ‘Are you sure?’ she asked. ‘Try it again.’ And you know what? When I put it together with woollen tights instead of my bare, pink, pig trotter legs it looked absolutely fine. More than fine. I liked it.

So this is my first make from the Vogue V8363. It has a cute side slit, which would be even cuter and more dramatic if I hadn’t sliced three inches off its depth. Lesson learned? When you make a toile, do pay attention to the final length of your garment. If I’d thought ahead, I’d have adjusted the position of the side split at the cutting out stage. As it is, now I only have half a side slit:

Are those self covered buttons?

Yes, they are, readers! My first attempt. And guess what? These are laughably easy to make. I bought the kit from Liberty. It came to about £5 for the mould and for some metal shank buttons. Here’s a close up of the covered buttons against the gorgeous lining I inserted:

I hand picked my lapped zipper. I’m getting quite comfortable with this process now, although hand stitching against that herringbone? I could barely see what I was doing.

I’m very excited that our sewing tutor is going to show us how to insert an invisible zipper. I never have been able to do that well. Really one of the techniques I just need someone to show me.

The only other thing I can think of to tell you about this skirt is that it has double darts – two on each hip and two on each back panel – so four darts in total shaping this baby around your waist. A tiny bit more time consuming, but it does make for a great shape.

The belt, you ask? Sewing has drastically undercut any pleasure I may once have gained from the January sales.

‘Could make that.’

‘Could make that, too.’

‘Could definitely make that for half the price even when it is 50 per cent off.’

Oh god, I’m turning into someone’s mother.

But for a really great accessory? Still can’t beat a sale. I wanted a belt to go with the first make of the Cynthia Rowley 2472. I didn’t find one, but it did lead to lots of research at the high end of the high street. Conclusions? Yeah, a lot of places have lovely belts in the sale – but down from £60 to £40? That’s still a lot of money. For a true bargain, hotfoot it to Banana Republic. This belt was £50 down to a tenner, and it’s gorgeous. Sewing has taught me the worth of a truly great belt. This one will see a lot of use.


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10 Responses to Vogue V8363

  1. Trisha says:

    That is a classic skirt! I’m sure you’ll wear it over and over again. And the lavender lining is gorgeous.

  2. Nancy says:

    Wow so glad you didn’t bin this one – it looks great! That belt/shirt/tights/skirt combo is perfect – LOVE it. Glad to have been of assistance!

  3. Jane says:

    Totally gorgeous, bet you’re glad you didn’t bin it. Hoorah for new sewing friends. x

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so glad you persevered! It’s super cute. And that button at the top of the slit is just perfect!

    Love it!

    I’m going to be in London in July. Would you like to meet up for a bit of shopping?

  5. Roobeedoo says:

    Fab touch to put those buttons there! And I had the same reaction to the January sales – I bought new shoes, but they can keep the rest!

  6. rachel says:

    It is gorgeous – you did such a beautiful job with the lining, zipper and side split – it looks very professional.

    I have the same reaction whenever I go into a clothing store these days. My sisters and friends spend squillions on clothes that can be made so much more cheaply, and more importantly, so much more nicely.

    Shoes and bags are another matter though…

  7. Kerry says:

    Skirt is gorgeous! Stylish and classic. I definitely feel like I could return to that pattern again after seeing how nicely yours turned out.

    I felt the same about the sales too, and my main focus was to get to he John Lewis sale to buy reduced wool for 3 projects I had planned – which I did!

  8. Suzie says:

    Your skirt is lovely! I love the herringbone – and the self-covered buttons….gorgeous!!!! I started making a skirt out of lovely blue and white houndstooth, but definately cut it too short and unfortunately, unlike yourse, I just can’t salvage it – damn! Perhaps it may turn into a bag some day instead!
    And I know exactly how you feel in the sales – I’m the same!

  9. Sherry says:

    Your skirt looks great – a really nice fit too. I don’t think the split looks too short – the buttons help make it look higher, they’re such a nice detail!

  10. Alessa says:

    Lovely skirt, awesome lining! I just got a couple of button kits at a Japanese Dollar- (well, 100Yen-) Shop, I so love fabric covered buttons!
    And yay for the belt!

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