From Me To You, To You To Me

It’s all about lessons this week. First off, check out the scarflet one of my knitting students has just completed:

Check out those buttons!

I am impressed on several levels:

  • Look at how neat that knitting is. This is Miriam’s first ever knitting project! The girl has good tension, no doubt about it.
  • The wool is absolutely gorgeous and soft. I believe it’s a Rowan – more investigation needed.
  • I love, love, love the button choice and the peek of burgundy wool at the heart of each button where she’s sewn them on.
  • It’s so inspiring to see other people’s colour, wool and button choices.

Now, I happen to know that others from Karen’s Krafty Knitting Club will be reading this and thinking, Why didn’t Karen want to photograph my scarflet? (I know this because it was said to my face!) First of all, I defy anyone to see those cute buttons and not want to photograph them! But let’s remember that the whole reason I set up this blog was to share with the world my makes, none of which are ever perfect – a failing I regularly celebrate! When we fail or only just succeed, we learn. I am extremely proud of all my knitters, each of whom bring a different essential dynamic to the group.

Here endeth the lesson!

The other learning this week was on my usual evening at Morley College. As I cut and began sewing the toile of my V8667, I thought about the final fabric choice. I’d ordered a sample of some mushroom wool boucle, but it was just a bit brown. Then our tutor shared some fabric samples from Stone Fabrics:

Check out number 17

The brown boucle is in the bottom left of the photo. Yeah. Not so brown as mud-looking. But ooh, that gorgeous deep magenta  wool/cashmere mix… I’ve ordered two and a half metres. You know me – I love my strong colours!

Stone Fabrics has a cloth club, where you’re sent samples at regular intervals in the year. Other top tips for resources? There was a discussion about silk in the class and our tutor was able to recommend two London shops:

Pongees in Hoxton Square

Maison Henri Bertrand, Euston

So, there we are. We’ve all learned something now. Happy Friday, everyone!

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6 Responses to From Me To You, To You To Me

  1. Very inspiring first piece of knitting – but main comment on the Vogue pattern you are making – I LOVE this one & have it myself – can’t wait to see how it goes – the magenta will be fab!

  2. Rachel says:

    Haha, and there’s me in the background looking jealous! x

  3. That’s a lovely scarlet, you must be very proud. I love fabric 17, it’s a great choice.

  4. Amy says:

    Ooh yes, make it in magenta, so stylish! Hmm, I think I might end up buying that pattern myself…

  5. melissa says:

    ooh thanks – both Stone and Pongees are new to me! I can’t work out if Pongees is wholesale-only or not though, as they don’t list any freakin prices (that I can find). Any ideas?

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