Now, That Was A Mistake…

Cloth Club kicks in

Oh, Stone Fabrics. You think you’re soooo clever with your super-fast delivery and pile of alluring, high quality fabrics. Do you really think I’m that weak? Believe I don’t have a backbone? I tell you, I tell you… Get away from me! Ian, quick, hide my purse. Gabble, gabble, drool, splat.

Ahem. So the Cloth Club fabric swatches arrived. Obviously, I am mature enough to give these an objective analysis. Let’s begin:

Spring fabrics

Oh, the utter luxury of feeling silk between your fingers and imagining warm breezes. In your hand, a glass christened with beads of condensation. A yell to the local friendly bar staff: ‘Ere! Another pitcher of cider, toot sweet!’ I am so over Winter. I want to sew with Spring fabrics. These are, respectively, a John Kaldor printed silk crepe de chine and a Gianfranco Ferre printed wool challis. Don’t ask about the prices.


Here we have polyviscose trousering, a wool and angora knit stripe, a wool mix and a merino wool check. Lustful sigh, times four. If you’re taking part in the Colette Spring Palette Challenge, these swatches would be really useful for considering colour combinations.

I was also intrigued to see a swatch of fake fur after seeing the 1940s fake fur jacket from My Happy Sewing Place. No doubt about it, a decent fake fur is marvellously clever:

Fabric swatch or giant’s moustache?

I must admit, fake fur leaves me with dilemmas. I’m vociferously anti-fur and think fun or obviously fake fur is fine. But when a fake fur is so excellent that you have to narrow your eyes to judge whether or not it’s the real thing … doesn’t that just compound the fashion statement that fur is something to aspire to? And my guess is that extremely convincing fake fur is expensive and therefore buys into the whole status issues of fashion, when I’m just a woolly liberal who wants everyone to be happy and wearing clothes they like! That’s my ridiculously naive opinion of the day. Feel free to educate me!


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6 Responses to Now, That Was A Mistake…

  1. Lysy says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t post the prices! (and please don’t bring the swatches to the Walthamstow market trip!!). I really like the silk one in particular, and there’s an alluring purple print peeking out of the stack as well. I’m excited to see if you have plans for any of them! As to fur – I’m definitely of the feeling that I wouldn’t want even to be mistaken for wearing it personally. But that’s just me and if you went ahead you could still be happy in the knowledge that nothing died for your jacket 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Oooooooh. Where’s *my* purse?
    What a great range of samples. The fur looks lovely. I ‘d go for it. It’s not going to encourage others to wear real fur, if anything it advertises that fake is a great alternative! Debi’s jacket is amazing and I’m seriously thinking about making something similar!

  3. Yep, Debi’s jacket is totally gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone’s sewing skills gallop along like hers.

  4. Roobeedoo says:

    You realise you are doomed don’t you? Market fabrics will never feel the same again!
    Make a fake fox stole, with eyes on and everything. Nobody would ever believe it was real and it could be your ironic take on the Hunting Lobby. Failing that, just have fun with it! And stop showing me STUFF! ; )

  5. I fear you’re right, Roobeedoo! Inspired suggestion re the fake fox stole. Now, where I can I buy some terrifying, beady, glass eyes…

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