The One-Armed Bandit

Yeah, my toile only has one arm. What you gonna do about it?

Look. It’s a minor miracle that I now make toiles at all, but I’ve learned from bitter experience that toiles do have two values:

  • The ‘Does this actually fit?’ value.
  • The ‘How the heck do I put this together?’ value.

Okay, a third:

  • The ‘Will this suit me?’ value.

So I’ve made my toile of the Simplicity 2443 jacket and attached a sleeve. It works. What’s the point in slaving my way through the second sleeve? I have no serious issues with my shoulders. They’re both there, doing the job they’re meant to. I think I’ll move on to the final make – shout now if you see any issues that do need addressing!

Here’s me inspecting the placket:

To D ring or No?

The sleeves are meant to close with the use of a D ring, but I think I’m going to adapt this to a good, old-fashioned button and button hole. I can already see that the flapping strip of fabric (see picture one) for going through the D ring will annoy me. Plus, is it just me or are D rings seriously difficult to get hold of?

Here’s a close up of my (admittedly crude) placket:

Practice should make perfect.

This is a good example of a toile’s worth. I get to do the bodge job during the practice run. I can learn what the issues are and do a better job at the final make. That’s the theory, anyway.

Don’t ask me how I made this placket. Seriously, I have no idea. If I try to think about it for too long my brain explodes. This is a case of ‘Don’t ask, just do.’ Follow the instructions, go one step at a time, don’t try to think – for god’s sake, don’t try to think! – and eventually, you’ll end up with a placket.

I’m going to add an extra couple of inches to the length of this jacket. Otherwise, nothing more to see here. Move along!

I’m very glad to be progressing to a final make. The past month has seen me racing from one task to the next, catching planes, work taking over my every waking hour, life seeping into any spare corner of existence – and little time to sew. Sewing is my equivalent of crawling under a stone and having time to myself, so to not sew means little Me Time. I’m very glad to see Me Time return and now I’m aching to see a finished object. You know, something I can actually wear. Shouldn’t be too difficult…

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6 Responses to The One-Armed Bandit

  1. Jane says:

    Nice placket, remind me what fabric you’re using again? For what it’s worth, I think 1) you should add a couple of inches to the length 2) go with a button and buttonhole instead of a D ring (I hate them personally), it will look tons chicer. it’s going to look fab, can’t wait to see the next instalment. xx

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, this has been a popular make in blogland. I think you’ll cute in it. I loved your comment on not thinking. I know that rule all too well unfortunately. 😉

  3. cidell says:

    Are they hard to get a hold of? We have them at Joanns. But, I wonder if you could find them at a hardware or hiking store? I plan on using them more. They make for the easiest belts!

  4. Alethia says:

    Toile are invaluble in sewing, because it provides a great deal of information and custom fit a pattern or design exclusively to our bodies. The negative side of making a toile- its time consuming but the benefits outweights the time you put into your toile

  5. Carly says:

    I still have never made a toile – lazy lazy!

    I agree, a button will look much nicer than a D-ring – they remind me of 90s fashion for some reason! Cute jacket.

  6. Kayla says:

    I agree too–definitely go with a buttonhole instead of a D-ring. It will look so much nicer. I just have to say I love your blog, it always makes me smile because you’re so funny! =)

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