The Buttons Were Bought

With twelve buttons to buy, I plumped for some of the cheapest ones in the shop. I may not carry patterns around with me (maybe I should) but it transpires I do carry fabric samples. Rattling around in my bag was a sample of the gold denim I bought in New York, which I have lined up for a make of the Beignet skirt:

I like the way there are patches of mustard in my buttons, to pick up on the colour of the main fabric. I already like that this make will represent the towns of New York, USA and Hay on Wye, Wales coming together in beautiful union!

I bought that beautiful ceramic pansy button with no make in mind, but knowing it will be perfect for something one day.

It goes without saying that I found other things to buy:

The vintage pattern and vintage 60s fabric both came from one of those Aladdin Cave-type shops:

Tomorrow we are homeward bound – no more writing or shopping. I’ve managed to do a lot of both in Hay on Wye!

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6 Responses to The Buttons Were Bought

  1. lindsaybobindsay says:

    Beautiful button choice!
    I’m never brave with my button choices. I normally just match the fabric color so I can match the garment with as many things as possible– feels boring, but it works for me. These I like (and will now think of in my button buys!) because they have basically every possible neutral in them and still echo the fabric! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh how I love Hay!
    And the button shop you posted about yesterday, how awesome is that? I am most defininitely making a visit next time I’m in town!

  3. Bold Sewist says:

    That shop looks amazing! Just as well I hadn’t read your post before I drove home from Wales today!

  4. Law says:

    Hi Karen,

    I really like those buttons. The beignet is near the front of a long line of things i want to sew. That gold denim looks very funky! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.
    Law x

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