The Staying Power of Simplicity 2599

This isn’t a recent make – it’s one of my very early makes from November 2009. I was only two or so months into my sewing career. Wowee! Can you believe I worked with this slippery eel fabric as a novice? I’m so pleased that I’m still pulling this top out of the wardrobe on occasion.

The arms look a bit gappy here and I do tend to wear this as a base layer beneath cardigans. But the gape is entirely down to the drape qualities of the fabric, not a fault of the pattern. In a stiffer cotton this wouldn’t be a problem. There should be three ruffles instead of two, but I was squeezing this out of a metre of fabric.

The fabric was bought from John Lewis. I love the print. It doesn’t need ironing – just pull it out of the washing machine, hang it to dry and you’re good to go.

The pattern is Simplicity 2599. You’ll have seen it a lot on blogs and for good reason – it’s an excellent basic shell with some nice ruffle variations for a touch of something unusual. Remember the fabulous version made by Stitchywitch? I love ruffles. My best make of this top was in a grey satin cotton with black polka dot:

Here I am, wearing it with a make of the Burda Jenny skirt. (Grey wool sadly shrunk when I threw this skirt in the washing machine without stopping to think.) The top looked fabulous, but wow, did those ruffles need ironing. So my advice is: buy a fabric that doesn’t crease.

Hasn’t today been gorgeous? I spotted these flowers during my lunchtime stroll and just had to snap them. The sap is rising, I can feel it. My sewing fingers are itching and twitching to make things grow. Specifically, outfits growing around my body!

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8 Responses to The Staying Power of Simplicity 2599

  1. Suzy says:

    Indeed a gorgeous day, reminding us that Spring is on the way! Hopefully!
    I love ruffles too and that top is gorgeous. I haven’t tried anything with ruffles yet but unless memory fails me I think I have something in my pattern stash with them.

  2. Wow, what a lovely top! And I really like your (sadly shrunk) skirt, it’s so elegant! Maybe one day my sewing machine and I will make friends, rather than eyeing each other warily wondering what kind of bust up we’re going to have this time…
    It has indeed been a beautiful day, it’s so lovely having sunshine again isn’t it.

    Thank you for your blog which I only became aware of a few days ago 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    The grey silky top with black polka dots is probably my favourite make of yours – it’s gorgeous. In fact the whole outfit looks fab, what a shame about the shrunken skirt. x

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oh! I have this pattern! Now I have to make it next. After I pull myself out of the early grave that this f’ing chiffon is putting me in.

  5. Scruffy badger says:

    I heartily agree with you on all counts! Simplicity 2599 is my most used pattern and I love seeing how others have made it up in all it’s frilly variations. Haven’t made theneckline flounce yet. Yours are very glam in their shine

  6. Roobeedoo says:

    I have looked at that pattern so many times, but I fear the great rufflage / ironing debacle. Maybe I just need to start sewing more with silky fabrics!

  7. Lizzie says:

    Hello, I have a Simplicity 2599 question!! I have a piece of lovely fabric that isn’t big enough to make the top on it’s own but also have some cream sheeting which matches pretty well – I was thinking of using the sheeting to make a band round the bottom, what do you think? Is it just going to look like I didn’t have enough fabric? I used to have a shell top that was navy on top with a white band round the bottom…

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