The Top of Not Caring

What The God of Sewing gives with one hand, he takes away with the other. Narrow upper chest adjustment? Check. Now a little extra ease needed in the bust? Check. Perhaps on my third make of Sewaholic’s Pendrell blouse I’ll get it spot on. But I’m not complaining. Look at this baby! It’s enough to make a grown man wish he was a girl, just so that he could wear this stuff. (I feel so sorry for men. Their wardrobes are so … boring. Well, apart from Peter. Did you see Peter this week!)

The burnt out polka dot works well over a contrast vest beneath. It’s very subtle, a close up here:

I’ll be honest, I slightly fell out of love with this fabric during the make. It wasn’t the easiest to handle, you’d definitely want to watch the temperature of your iron and the princess seams were a buggeration to press. Two thirds of the way through this make, I felt certain that this was going to be a big fat failure, but then I gave the FO a final press, pulled it on and – hey, it wasn’t so bad. Not so bad at all.

I’m sorry, but I’m a sucker for screaming colour like this. You can’t see them (obviously) but I’m also wearing turquoise tights! I waved a hand before my outfit this morning. ‘Too much?’ I asked my boyfriend. He looked terrified. What would the right answer be? ‘It doesn’t matter,’ I said before he could reply. ‘I don’t care.’

The top of not caring. I’m all for that!

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21 Responses to The Top of Not Caring

  1. adelaide b says:

    This is very seriously great. And loud tights are the only way to go.

  2. Debi says:

    I love this! The subtle polka dots are great! One of my favorite spring colors!!!

  3. Bold Sewist says:

    Love it! Glad you persisted with the fabric – it’s a great one for this top. And I wish we could see the turquoise tights too!

  4. Roobeedoo says:

    ZING! Fabulous colour! And I am coming round more to the double-frill version of Pendrell after seeing yours – I was heading for the plainer one, but seeing this and hearing of its psychological effect upon you, I might just have to copy, if I can get my darned fabric to behave itself. As for “not caring” I would say it’s “care-free” and you can’t argue with that!

  5. lizajane says:

    I love the burnt out polka dot and the color. I’m a fan of screaming colors, too!

  6. Debbie Cook says:

    Love the top! And hahaha on the terrified boyfriend. 😉

  7. Katie says:

    Fabulous all around!! And I’d love to see it with the turquoise tights. Too fabulous!

  8. Sarah says:

    I totally love it!!! What a fit and what a fabulous colour! I am a big fan of screaming colours, too.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    The top looks great. I love that color on you and absolutely adore that you paired it with turquoise tights! Love it! I wish I could do things like that where I work, but there is, apparently, a strict no faux fur skirt policy. 😉

  10. msmodiste says:

    I’m now officially on the hunt for polka-dot burnout fabric. Love it!

    • Yes, it’s definitely unusual – but in a nice, understated way. I would urge caution on one element: the ‘burnt out’ dots are thinner fabric and so will be weaker on seams if the seams are tight or pulling (as in the case of my bust ease!).

  11. Jeni says:

    All for the top (or whatever else) of not caring – right on! Wish I had remembered that when I put on turquoise tights this morning and then thought “Nah, that’s too much”. Good on you!

  12. rachel says:

    Red is definitely your colour! It turned out beautifully – the frills on the sleeve look consummately professional.

  13. Portia says:

    I love that look of “rabbit in headlights” when you ask a man what he thinks of how you look. It’s pretty hilarious. Don’t understand why they find it so hard to answer do you….;)
    Love that fabric (though I didn’t have to curse my way through sewing with it!) and love your bold use of colour. Wish I was braver with colour (which is a contradiction really when I consider what colour I dye my hair,lol! “The Hair Colour of Contradiction”……)

  14. Jeannette says:

    J’adore! (love it) and I totally agree with boring men wardrobes…

  15. Amy says:

    That colour really suits you, it’s fab. And hooray for turquoise tights, they always liven up an outfit!

  16. Adrienne says:

    The top is looking good Karen! What a speedy sewer you are. :-o!!

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