The Tilly Necklace


Tilly and the Buttons recently had a guest post over at Casey’s Elegant Musings, where she posted a Springtime necklace tutorial. I was straight onto Ebay, ordering my polystyrene balls – and that’s not something a girl can say every day.

Here’s a close up of my lovely new necklace. As Tilly suggested, I made it out of scraps left over from an apron I made my mother for Christmas (pattern here if you’re interested):

I ended up sewing together three rows of scraps to make a massive 70 INCH tube. You need one heck of a pencil to turn that baby inside out. Don’t think I was being excessive; I used up pretty much all of those 70 inches knotting my balls into place. (There’s a really obvious joke and I’m not going to make it.)

You might wonder why Tilly leaves both ends of the tube open at first, only telling you to sew down the long side. Well, don’t try to second guess Tilly – what she says goes. Two open ends allow you to adjust the arrangement of balls (oh, shut up!) until you have your necklace just as you like it. Then you can sew up both ends.

This is a lovely make. It’s the type of necklace I see in a shop and never buy because they’re charging me twenty quid and I think, It’s some fabric and polystyrene balls, I could make that myself. But then I never do – or never did – until Tilly and her amazing maths prodded me into action. (If Tilly wants to work out the circumference of things FOR THE FUN OF IT, that’s her look out. I’ll just follow the directions.)

You should make a Tilly Necklace, too. It’s as much fun as you can have with a bag of cylindrical items…

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12 Responses to The Tilly Necklace

  1. Portia says:

    Oh Balls!!! 😉

    Nice make btw. Just wanted to join in the gratuitous use of the word “balls” 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    OOh gorgeous, looks like you’ve just bought it from Anthropologie. I ran out and purchased my balls as soon as I saw Tilly’s post but am not as industrious as you. This has inspired me to get them out (!) xx
    PS. I agree with Portia, this post brings out my inner Finbar Saunders x

  3. Alessa says:

    Cute necklace! I love the strawberry fabric!
    I’m abstaining from “buying stuff” until easter, but I’m planning on buying some balls (*giggles*) after that… 😀

  4. Very pretty! I made a few of these using an Amy Buter free tutorial, but used plastic pony beads on the outside of the tube between each polystyrene ball instead of tying a knot. Just an idea for some variations.

    I can’t beleive Tilly managed to get pi into a sewing tutorial! At last it proves the maths we did in school had a useful pupose in real life :o)

  5. Tilly says:

    Oh wow, you made one! Loving the strawberry fabric. Thanks for using the word “things” in the fourth to last sentence – I KNOW you originally wrote “balls”…

  6. Suzy says:

    I have been meaning to make one of these since I saw it on the “PS I made this” book but never got round to it! After seeing Tilly’s post and now yours, my desire to make one has definitely grown. Are the balls (eheh) different sizes?

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  9. Suzie says:

    Your necklace is gorgeous. I saw Tilly’s tutorial too and bookmarked it – so now that I’ve seen yours as well I think I really will have to give this one a go…afterall, I really don’t have enough balls in my life (sigh – sorry – I just had to join in! Btw, my boyfriend begs to differ).

    I am, however, very curious about your brooch…I think it’s a typewriter…but does it say anything on it??

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