The Fields of Gold Skirt

You’ll remember me when the west wind moves

Among the fields of barley

You can tell the sun in his jealous sky

When we walked in fields of gold…

Do you think Eva Cassidy ever wore gold denim?

I finally made a Beignet skirt, using:

  • gold denim bought in Mood, New York, when I met up with Elizabeth from SEWN.

  • Lining fabric bought from the Textile Centre, Walthamstow, London

This skirt is a multinational item! It should have a seat at the UN.

Sewing with this denim was like trying to wrestle. Did I use interfacing on the skirt facing, as recommended in the pattern? No, I ruddy well didn’t! The fabric is capable of standing up, walking out of the door and picking a fight. It needs no help or strengthening from me. The teeny-tiny belt loops had to be made twice the pattern size so that I could turn the denim inside out. (Even then my final belt loops are fairly ropey.) My Bernina sewing machine battled on through thick layers and proved that it’s a real workhorse.

It took me an hour and a half to sew those twelve buttons on. Jeez, boring! I know exactly how long this took, because I am taking careful notes as part of Tilly’s Sewing Productivity Project.

12 Beautiful Buttons

I also added a sneaky secret contrast fabric on the pockets:

I was always anxious about this fabric. The possibilities of looking like Bet Lynch were sky high but I felt a curious need to just KNOW if I could pull this off. I think it works, though tell me the truth if you disagree! (When I say ‘tell me the truth’ I mean ‘smile politely and lie through your teeth’.)

What are my conclusions about the pattern, other than that I love it?

  • It’s clever. There’s not a single dart in this skirt, but a gorgeous shape.
  • It’s quite taxing for what looks like a relatively straightforward skirt. This isn’t a simple make, with all those panels, buttonholes and buttons.
  • Tilly’s right – the curved edges of lining and facing that have to be sewn together are a bit of a ‘mare. Use lots of pins close together!

  • I felt sick as I sewed the buttonholes. This step comes right at the end of the make. One misplaced buttonhole and you’ve screwed a week’s work.
  • I added a couple of inches to the length, as I’d like to wear this with bare legs and no one wants to see my knees.
  • The sizing I chose ran a teeny bit large, but nothing that a generous seam couldn’t fix.

I want to make another Beignet skirt immediately in black as I know that will easily become a go-to item in my wardrobe.

In short, Colette Patterns does it again. Another winner! But you already knew that, didn’t you? I am probably the last person on the planet to have made this skirt.

Not such a trend setter, after all. But I am immensely proud that I’ve managed to make a decent outfit out of the fabric that was bought with Elizabeth in tow and flown with me all the way back to London. Every time I pull this skirt on, I will think of Elizabeth and her lovely son. What better reason to wear denim?

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36 Responses to The Fields of Gold Skirt

  1. Jane says:

    Wahay. It’s a lovely skirt Karen and you manage to pull it off without a hint of Bet Lynch (whom I admired greatly in her 70’s heyday). I’m really envious of the longer length – why didn’t I think of that when I was making mine? I can only wear mine with tights because of the knee reveal. My absolutely favourite detail though has got to be the secret scissor pockets! x

  2. Don’t worry you’re not the last person on the planet, I haven’t made one yet but every time I see a new example like this I’m one step closer to going all Colette. atm I’m on Sewaholic as all you guys convinced me on the Pendrell, which I’m just making ahead of the crescent skirt sewalong next week, but I have a strong feeling it will be a beignet next and maybe even a Crepe!

  3. Roobeedoo says:

    Not QUITE the last person – that might be me, one day, sometime, but just not yet with my queue the size it is!
    LOVE the gold denim! And if you were afraid of Bet-iness why did you pair it with a leopard print?! But it works, it really does. That’s an awful lot of buttonholes… and that scissor print lining is just perfect! Yay! Another success!
    I would be interested to know what footwear you pair with this skirt – heels?

    • Hee, hee – I just couldn’t resist that top. I think I was worried that the whole look would be a bit Bet. I am wearing a pair of wedge Ecco Mary Jane shoes with this skirt – a bit of heel but not too much. (My feet can’t cope with heels.)

  4. cat says:

    oohh I cannot sew at all (I can knit) so I am very impressed indeed! It looks lovely!

  5. Kirsty says:

    It’s fabulous! I must admit I never thought I’d be able to say that about a gold denim skirt, but it’s true. The scissor fabric is perfect too.

  6. Roisin says:

    I love this, but then I think Bet Gilroy is kind of fabulous so gold denim doesn’t seem that outlandish to me! The secret scissor pockets tickle me pink as well. Every time I see a Beignet I think “this is the skirt that will get me to wear skirts”!

  7. daisydonut says:

    I love, love the sneaky secret scissors pockets, and the gold denim is beautiful – you’ve made a smashing job with what sounds like a difficult fabric to use.

    I’ve seen so many great versions of this skirt I may well have to cave in and get the pattern (even though the thought of all those buttons and buttonholes make me feel a bit faint).

  8. Suzy says:

    Oh, it’s gorgeous, I love the fabric.
    I have not yet done this skirt even though I lust after it every time I see it on blogs. I’m a bit scared of buttonholes!

  9. Law says:

    Lovely! I was looking forward to seeing how this turned out, and it’s great. Loving the gold denim.

  10. Dibs says:

    I love the secret scissor fabric. Its amazing how prints like this would mean alot to people who sew, but others won’t appreciate it. The beignet seems to be crying out to me. In fact the beignet and the Pendell blouse. oh so many things to sew.
    Lovely button choice. It does not steal anything from the fabric, but rather compliments it ( blimey did I just say that?!!)

  11. Kerry says:

    It looks great! Who knew gold denim could be so classy? I love the Beignet, I wear mine all the time and am nearly finished another, so am not surprised that you’re lining up your next one to make. Great scissor print too.

  12. Scruffy badger says:

    Oooo it’s lovely! Very good fabric and button choice even if hard going physically!! I like that it’s Laced with memories. Nice. As for the wonderful beignet pattern, even this very morning I was trying to coax myself into choosing a different pattern to make for my next skirt. Trouble is beignet is just too perfect!! Looks great on you too. X

  13. Portia says:

    You crack me up Karen! I love the way you described that denim, ha ha!
    I have a queue a mile long or I’d be ordering one of these patterns for myself right now. It just seems to be one of those patterns that suits everyone. It looks fabulous on you and you’ve, as ever, done a sterling job on it! Looks more olive to me. Is that my screen?

  14. Lovely skirt Karen! I agree with above comment – kinda looks more Olive-y toned on my screen than Gold (which I think seems nicer than hard to carry off gold-gold anyway :)). And to add to those who’ve not made this skirt yet – my muslin/tolie is still languishing n my UFO pile, left untouched since Crimbo (oops!).

    P.S. That’s a Sting song (top) right?

  15. Sarah says:

    Ah-may-zing!!!! What a fabulous skirt!! The gold denim is so awesome!

  16. Michelle says:

    I LOVE this skirt. So much! You clever girl. The fabric is perfect, and I adore the scissors fabric. That kind of thing makes me giggle.

    We are currently thinking of heading to New York in October (we were supposed to be going to Japan) and Mood (and an empty suitcase) is at the top of my list of stores to visit! Especially after seeing Project Runway.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my that skirt is gorgeous! I love it and the buttons are just perfect for it. It really is a beautiful make. Well done! I feel so happy that I was present at the historic moment of purchasing that fabric. 🙂

  18. melissa says:

    Fantastic skirt! I totally love that pocket lining fabric, too! I’m definitely urging you to make another in black – Tilly already showed how versatile this pattern is in her DC travels, but I also wear my black version ALL the time (even though one of the shell buttons snapped in half – I just moved them around so the missing button is under the belt tie and you can’t tell!)

  19. Amanda says:

    This looks great and I love the scissor pocket detail! I’m working on another Beignet right now, also from fabric I bought on my recent trip to New York 🙂 You’re right, 12 buttonholes right at the very end is a little bit terrifying…

  20. Thanks for all your wonderful comments, guys!

  21. Shivani says:

    ooo – this is SO lovely! love the pocket detail, love the buttons, love the denim, love the outfit!!
    I’m looking forward to the day when I can confidently tackle the beignet, but in the meanwhile, I’ll admire yours!

  22. Sarai says:

    I love it, Karen! I’m glad all the hard work with the buttons and curved facing/lining paid off. It looks really great at that length, and the scissor print is adorable!

  23. Miss Celie says:

    I *love* your writing style. I can just hear you talking in my head when I read! The skirt is gorg. God love you for slogging through all those buttonholes.

  24. Love it. That pattern has never appealed to me before, but I really like your version. And I envy your beautiful buttonholes!

  25. Karen in VA says:

    Love your skirt…you aren’t the last person on the planet to make it, that would be’s near the end of my queue, need to get my sewing skills up to par for all those buttonholes… Plus I need to finish my Crepe!! I’m larger than the 18 on Colette patterns, so need to make quite a few adjustments…..

  26. lizajane says:

    Love this! The gold denim is fabulous. I just finished a beignet as well! And I have to say, my button placket is not nearly as nice. Yours is perfect.

  27. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I bought my pattern, but still have to make it, so you are not the last one.

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