Brighton Rocks

Could those grins get any bigger?

A million years ago (okay, a few months back) I suggested a meet-up in Brighton after Zoe of So, Zo, relocated from Spain, was unable to attend a London get-together because of snow. Finally, the day dawned for catching a train from Victoria to the south coast. I was travelling with Handmade Jane and Pins & Needles. When I say ‘travelling’ I mean ‘talking ten to the dozen about everything we’ve been sewing’. We just happened to be sat on a train as we compared notes.

Zoe and Stevie met us from the station. For those of you who don’t already know, Zoe is the genius behind Me Made March, Me Made May and Self Stitched September. She’s also a really lovely woman. Hey! I was spending the day with four lovely women.

We started with coffee and a chat. Then Zoe suggested we get down to the serious business of fabric shopping. Wanna know how cool Zoe is in real life? She didn’t say, ‘Shall we settle the bill?’ or ‘Why don’t we go shopping now?’. Zoe suggested, ‘Shall we bust a groove?’ Yes, Zoe, I will happily bust a groove with you!

We wandered through a market that sold these:

Mmmm, yes please.

Gargh! No, thank you.

Brighton was looking gorgeous – a smorgasbord of vibrant colour:

Zoe made that coat and it is beauuooootiful in real life.

We stopped at the Brighton Sewing Centre:

Only Pins & Needles spent money, as others in our group were saving themselves for Ditto, where we arrived after walking past this gentleman:

Ditto is a great fabric shop. A really, really great fabric shop. There was so much to choose from, much of it unusual and most of it very reasonably priced. I bought three and a half metres of some cotton which I can’t show you because it’s swirling around in the washing machine. Later!

I was very impressed with the notebook that Pins & Needles whipped out in the shop:

All Sewists should have one of these.

Marching ever onwards, we then called in at a rambling vintage market where I bought a ring and a bangle:

Possibly not to be worn together.

Then it was quick march to a craft fair in a church:

Before we knew it, the time had come to hotfoot it back to London, laden down with fabric and with lovely new friendships and avowals to meet again/marry each other/have each other’s babies.

What can I say? It was a GREAT DAY. Thank you so much to Zoe and Stevie for showing us around Brighton. I thoroughly recommend that you organise your own sewing meet-ups. With so much in common, we’re never at a loss for anything to chat about. And you know what?

I’ve never met a Sewist I didn’t like.

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22 Responses to Brighton Rocks

  1. Ashley says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I wish I could join you lovely ladies, but train fare to London or Brighton is ridiculously expensive from Lincoln! 🙁
    Glad you all had a good time! 🙂
    Ashley x

  2. Michelle says:

    What a fantastic day you all had! Wish I lived that little bit closer so I could go to Ditto too.

  3. Portia says:

    Fabulous!! Looking forward to the 14th!

  4. Dibs says:

    Awww Karen you are so funny. Did this take place yesterday? Lol, I’m sure you all fun. Those cupcakes look yummy.

  5. Bold Sewist says:

    What a wonderful day! And that bangle is GORGEOUS.

  6. Siga says:

    This sounds like a wonderful trip. It’s nice to spend a day with people whom one has common interests with. I love your description of the day. 🙂

  7. Jane says:

    Love the pics Karen, they’re a great reminder of a fantastic day – I’m still smiling! x

  8. Law says:

    Glad you guys had fun in Brighton! I love living there. Ditto is the best shop, it’s almost impossible to go in without coming out with something.

  9. Debi says:

    ack! so fun!!! can’t wait for the 14th!!

  10. Suzanne says:

    What a lovely adventure!

  11. KC says:

    Looks like a wonderful day! I’m a bit puzzled by the fellow you passed between the Brighton Sewing Centre and Ditto–sort of an Indian Indian fusion going on there?

  12. ooobop says:

    Sounds like a perfect day out with perfect company. Thanks for the Ditto tip-off.

  13. Mary Ball says:

    Your Mother must be really proud. Yes She is!

  14. Roobeedoo says:

    What a great day! Looking forward to seeing what you bought!

  15. Tilly says:

    Gaaarrrghhhh!!! So jealous! Looks like a perfect day. Maybe we can recreate it sometime? x

  16. Stevie says:

    Hey Karen, It really was a fab day!
    I found Cathe from Sewweekly has just made up that pattern you bought in Ditto.
    Thought it might be helpful for you to see the fit!
    Hope your having a fab week!

  17. melissa says:

    Hurrah! There can never, ever be enough love for Ditto – they’re hands-down my favourite fabric shop anywhere. I’m simultaneously annoyed and relieved that they’re not in London. 🙂 They also have THE nicest bamboo/lycra jersey I’ve seen anywhere, and I’ve been sewing with bamboo for about four years now! You must get some next time you’re there, as she’s got more in the shop than are listed online…

  18. Zoe says:

    Aww! You are such a sweetie, love this description of the day! I was about to write my own but you totally summed it up perfectly. Can’t wait to see you again on the 14th, sounds like we are going to be rolling deep!

    Zoe xxx

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