B5600 Dress

This is my first make of the B5600 dress. I can’t remember where I saw this, but I obviously liked it enough to buy the pattern. I won’t call this a wearable muslin, because I took care over the construction, but this was a first make in fabric that was £1 a metre off Walthamstow market. My hope was that I wouldn’t have to get too upset if the fitting didn’t work. Total cost for fabric, underlining fabric and buttons probably came to about £7.

I added two inches to the length. Next time I’d add two and a half. I’d take the shoulders in very slightly too. Otherwise, I’m happy!

The fabric was a joy to work with, so pretty and full of Spring vibes. Yellow seems to be everywhere at the moment; I may have stumbled into a trend. The cotton is so light that I could use French seams almost everywhere. It doesn’t crease much either, which makes it perfect for packing for a weekend trip to Europe. I definitely imagine myself strolling along tree-lined streets in this dress! I was concerned about transparency in strong sunlight, so I underlined it with lining fabric I bought from – ooh – Goldhawk Road (my only reccie purchase):

The red buttons were really cheap from (shock, horror!) John Lewis:

There’s a nice pleat at the back, extending down from the back yoke:

Okay, confession time. I did a really bad job of the collar:

What went wrong, Karen?

Two things:

  • It was just a bit fiddly.
  • I became impatient and didn’t bother trimming seams properly so there was a significant amount of bulk to deal with.

Lesson learned. Put the sewing down when you’re becoming impatient. (Do you think I’ll remember that next time…)

I love those sweet little puff sleeves with the elasticated hem.

Warning – when sitting down in this dress, don’t hurl yourself back in a seat legs akimbo. (Well, I hope you wouldn’t anyway!) But I’m just saying… You’ll need to sit down quite daintily to ensure that too much pressure isn’t put on the very bottom button hole. You’ll also need to feel comfortable with a significant glimpse of lower thigh because of the split.

This was a test make before slicing into the poppy fabric I bought from Ditto on my Brighton shopping trip:

Apologies – washed but not yet ironed.

It’s lovely stuff, isn’t it? It will be dense enough to not require underlining so would be a quicker make. But I’m going to hold fire for a few days yet and just wear the B5600 a bit to see how I get on with it. If I find myself constantly sitting daintily feeling very prissy and self-conscious all the time, I might give a second make a miss.

In case you’re interested, the rather fun belt came from H&M and was about £3. The bracelet, also £3, came from the fascinating Snooper’s Attic on my Brighton shopping trip!

I hope this helps any other people looking for a flattering summer dress, who doesn’t want loads of frills.

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36 Responses to B5600 Dress

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow, your “Muslin” looks better than my real things!! I’m not usually a fan of yellow but that is lovely.

  2. lizajane says:

    I love this! The primary color scheme is great. I just recently bought this same pattern.

  3. PinnyPinPin says:

    Karen, this is really lovely! I love the fabric. (Belt snap – I have the same one in about 5 different colours!) What sort of fabric did you use for the underlining?

  4. Ashley says:

    Ooh, very pretty and summery! 🙂 I’ve just bought some yellow fabric too. I didn’t know it was ‘on trend’!
    Ashley x

  5. Dibs says:

    I love the red buttons. John Lewis! who would have thought?.
    Button envy aside, I love the “muslin”. Its very nice, I don’t think you should relegate this to clothing siberia if you do make a new one. Its very bright, and lovely. The second fabric looks nice too.

  6. Bold Sewist says:

    Such a happy summery dress – I have been lusting after yellow things myself recently, must be something in the air! Can’t believe how inexpensive that fabric was!

  7. Stevie says:

    Ohhh Karen that looks lovely!!! Makes me jealous that I am on the separates wagon at the moment! I think Yellow is on my Goldhawk shopping list! x

  8. little betty says:

    Love the dress. This is on my list. I have some lovely red rayon twill just screaming out to be made in this frock. Great work. Can’t wait to see the end result.

  9. Laura says:

    Lovely! The colour is fabulous, and I’m sure no one but you will ever notice the collar. Very spring-like and cheerful.

  10. Roobeedoo says:

    Very fresh and summery! And matching red lipstick too! 😉
    Definitely much more than a wearable muslin!
    I know what you mean about buttoned fronts. I had to stitch down the last few inches of my button-fronted dress to prevent it from malfunctioning when I sat down.

  11. molly says:

    very springy, and I LOVE the second fabric!

  12. Ali says:

    Totally lovely! Looking forward to your next version 🙂

  13. Kirsty says:

    It’s absolutely delightful! I think I might have a couple of metres of that fabric in navy, but I’m not quite sure, love the yellow on you. Good work!

  14. Totally mood lifting! I’ve never really thought about yellow, but doesn’t it have a massive cheery impact (on the wearer & those around?!) The dress style is so pretty too … it does yearn tree lined avenues. Very honest of you to highlight your “wobble” & it’s not that big a deal – the fit & stitching look perfect to me.

  15. Marie says:

    Oh I love it! What a fun and cute dress and it fits so well for a first attempt!!! Can’t believe how cheap your fabric was, it’s so lovely!

  16. Amanda says:

    I love both of those prints, the yellow one is particularly cheery and summery! I’ve also been into yellow lately and wondered if I was unknowingly following a current fashion trend. I’ve spent lots of time in London and have been wondering about Goldhawk Road and Walthamstow market ever since I started reading your blog – I’m intrigued but oh so far away now!

  17. melissa says:

    ooh what a wonderful summer frock!! I love the fabric and the fit is great. I can’t wait to see the Ditto version. 🙂

  18. SewOm says:

    Oooh – Pretty! I also like the ditto fabric – its a very different vibe. If you do make both, you’ll have to tell people they’re from the same pattern because they’ll be completely different dresses. I’m considering making this pattern as well – but in the sleeveless with a ruffle. I hope mine turns out as well as yours.

  19. I love, love, love it! Yellow is a good color on you.

  20. Caroline says:

    Gorgeous! I agree, yellow looks lovely on you.

  21. ooobop says:

    I think the Queen has started something here! There does seem to be a lot of yellow dresses popping up on Burdastyle lately – yours being one of the prettiest. Fantastic bargain on the price and I think I will be taking a leaf out of your book re making a (non)muslin out of cheaper-but-still-lovely fabric rather than unwearable curtain lining. And then its a win win situation! At that price, its cheaper than calico in any case!

  22. Eugenia says:

    Oh, I love your dress – the fabric is so pretty – it is so summery and vibrant looking and what an amazing bargain – well spotted! I have got this pattern, I really must get around to making it before the summer ends, yours looks so fabulous.

  23. Adrienne says:

    You and your “muslins”! I would totally wear this dress! Karen is so productive, as usual.
    p.s.: I see you’ve added the search function!

  24. Sophia says:

    Wow! So cute. I completely overlooked this pattern , but seeing your dress is making me rethink 🙂 Good job.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Super cute dress! This is more than a wearable muslin!

  26. rachel says:

    I love it! The red buttons look extremely cute, and the fit is spot on. Your sewing is so good.

    I also love the poppy fabric – can’t wait to see it made up.

  27. Lisa says:

    Your muslin looks awesome , I love the red buttons as a contrast . Your Ditto fabric is beautiful .

  28. What a lovely dress! This is the first year I have really felt like making dresses after a childhood overload so I am really enjoying seeing what everyone is making. And I love yellow.
    I will be in Brighton in June so I will have to visit Ditto fabrics.
    Enjoy your dress!

  29. Clare S says:

    So pretty! This really suits you and I’m definitely with you on loving those sleeves! This makes me wish I could wear yellow.

    Though your ‘messy collar’ is much neater than my messes – I’m ashamed!!

  30. Carolyn says:

    You look lovely in this. May I offer a piece of advice…if you decide to remake the dress just change the number of buttons you place down the front. That’s what I did to my version.

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