The Gentle Art Of Knitting – Jane Brocket at Loop

Camden Passage market was in full swing – brimming with sunshine, antiques and The Beautiful People.

Is that a pair of block colour trousers I spy?

I wasn’t here to people watch. (Who am I kidding?) I was here for the author signing of Jane Brocket’s latest book, ‘The Gentle Art of Knitting‘.

Do you know of Jane Brocket? You should. Her blog is a piece of beauty and she’s the author of several books that cover quilting, knitting, baking, domesticity and a recent children’s book. I ACHE to own a copy of ‘The Gentle Art Of Quilting’.

When I heard that Jane was going to be at Loop in Islington there was never any doubt that I would be one of the first in the queue. Loop were offering a 10 per cent discount on Jane’s book plus 10 per cent off any wool bought to make a project from the book.

The wool discount could make a real difference to the cost of a project. After all, good wool doesn’t come cheap. The book discount could never stand up to the aggressive discounting to be found on Amazon, but that’s not really the point is it? I was here to support an independent shop, a startlingly good author and, well, let’s be honest – I wanted an inscription on my fly leaf:

Loop and Jane did a sterling job of hosting this event. Visitors were greeted with piles of cake:

Jane was merrily chatting with customers and signing books:

I grinned with delight at my own signed copy:

And bought the wool to make a bag to go with my rose print cotton dress for the wedding:

This book of FORTY projects couldn’t have arrived at a better time in my knitting career, which has become close to non-existent of late. I am currently working on a knitted cushion cover and a lace capelet but they both badly deserve more attention and, crucially, completion. After that, I want to make almost everything in Jane’s book.

What do I particularly like about ‘The Gentle Art Of Knitting’?

  • Jane makes wine recommendations to go with her knitting projects. (She used to work in the wine trade.)
  • She doesn’t mind sharing details of popular online free knitting patterns, such as the February Lady Sweater to be found on Ravelry.
  • She’s pragmatic and honest about stitches and shares my love/hate relationship with moss stitch. (I love its structure; it gives me the most terrible RSI.)

This is the first Jane Brocket book I’ve invested in and guess what – she deserves the hype. This is a genuinely inspiring, honest and original book and would make the perfect present for any knitter in your life, be they beginner or experienced.

Go ahead. Buy a copy!

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21 Responses to The Gentle Art Of Knitting – Jane Brocket at Loop

  1. Portia says:

    Oooh, you go to all the best places. (BTW did you see Goldhawk Rd on the Apprentice on Tuesday??! I’m sure that was the guy I got my polka dot from!)

  2. Ashley says:

    Ooh, thanks for this! I’ve been looking for a book to follow on from ‘Knitty Gritty’, as while I can knit pretty well, it’s following patterns that confuses me. I’m getting better, but Knitty Gritty spells everything out. Are the patterns beginner friendly enough do you think? Thanks! 🙂
    Ashley x

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Ohh, I’m so jealous. I’ve been reading her blog for years. How fun!!!!

  4. KC says:

    Wine recommendations! Perfect. I spent a week in Islington last fall but Loop was closed when I went there. Brocket’s book isn’t released in the US yet, so I guess I’ll have to go back.

  5. Rachel says:

    wine and knitting! or how to put it better: stitch n sniff? needle & nose? cable & Cabernet? purl & pour? Hmm, nevermind.

    Your hair looks fantastic!

  6. Sherry says:

    Wine and knitting – she’s my kind of knitting companion! Although I don’t recommend having any more than a couple of glasses if you’re knitting lace…!
    Will keep a lookout for her book – thanks for the tip-off.

  7. cat says:

    Mmmm I am librarian for our Handknitters’ Guild – this sounds like a possible investment for them. Thankyou!

  8. Liz says:

    I got the quilting book for Christmas, but have not yet read it yet – isn’t that terrible! I did, however, start reading ‘The Gentle Art of Domesticity’ while staying with a friend last weekend.

  9. Pomona says:

    Just discovered your blog via your comment on Jane Brocket’s – I love the book, too, and really wish that I could have made it to Loop on Saturday. It looks like it was good fun!

    Pomona x

  10. Like Pomona, I stopped by via Jane Brocket’s blog. It’s a lovely book isn’t it? I’ve made a hat and, like you, have nearly finished the little bag. I went on a yarn binge at Get Knitted today (Bristol’s answer to loop) and now have what I need for about four other patterns.

  11. Ooh Loop. I haven’t been in a month, which is far too long to restrain myself from fondling all the lovely yarns. And I quite agree about moss stitch. I foolishly made a whoppingly long scarf for my boyfriend in moss stitch. Never again!

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