Me Made Eve

Here we are, on the eve of something awesome. Many of you may be Me Made old hands, but it felt deeply significant for me to finally throw my hat into the ring: I’ve never, until now, felt confident in my home made clothes to carry me through an entire month of daily outfits. How do I feel? Honestly? Scared.

I took a recce of the likely clothes to carry me through June, photo above. It looks like a lot, doesn’t it? But I’m aware that many of these makes have had few outings. Others have been worn to death. It will be SO interesting to see how I put together outfits and fall back on unexpected combinations. I can already sense that Zoe‘s impetus behind this challenge – to make us embrace our makes in entirely unpredictable ways – is going to ring very, very true. What a star Zoe is!

June is undoubtedly going to be a challenging month in more ways than one. I need to complete my B5605 dress and make nine more rows of bunting for the wedding at the start of July.

Nothing like a sewing deadline! I decided to sit down and analysis my free weekends. I’m pretty much on top of things, I thought. A few solid Saturdays and Sundays and I’ll be sorted. Gulp. Do you know how many free weekends I have in June? Um, that would be one. ONE! So I guess I won’t be making any last-minute outfits to carry me through Me Made June.

In case I feel truly challenged or you may be inclined to share sympathy, may I direct you towards this blog post? I met the Bold Sewist on my first course at Morley College. She’s a novice Sewist who’d agreed to make her friend’s wedding dress to a terrifying deadline. Naive? Possibly. Brave? For sure. Unlikely to end in successful completion? Well, you haven’t met the Bold Sewist. I have. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see that she successfully completed the most important dress in her friend’s life. There’s backbone and there’s backbone – the Bold Sewist has backbone. (I hardly dare ask how many late nights were involved.)

So Me Made June, 30 photos with complete strangers, nine lines of bunting and a dress in rose print cotton should be a breeze by comparison.

Shouldn’t it…?

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10 Responses to Me Made Eve

  1. Dibs says:

    Technically, it should. Good luck with the photos. Here’s to hoping you don’t get featured in the papers as a stark raving bonkers woman on the loose. Lol.

  2. Marie says:

    Woohoo, can’t wait to see your daily posts with random people. London won’t know what hit it ;o) I also look forward to the day that I can take part in a ‘me-made’ / ‘self-stitched’ month…I’m working towards it!

  3. Bold Sewist says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments and link – I’m very touched! And good luck with all that bunting – I think I’d rather make another wedding dress!! x

  4. Marybeth says:

    You clothes look so pretty just hanging there in the closet! I’m sure you’re going to look great every day this month! Have fun!

  5. SewOm says:

    I’m excited for you and I really can’t wait to see your posts with 30 random strangers! Good luck. Great fun will be had by all.

  6. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to see your outfits . I hope to one day day take part .

  7. PinQueen says:

    Of course you can do it – go girl!

  8. daisydonut says:

    Go for it – you will do an excellent job, and I’m so looking forward to the pics with strangers!

  9. Eugenia says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the month works out for you …… I’m sure you’re going to look fabulous all month!

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